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Pedigree Sheep & CCM Breed Sales

Skipton Auction Mart hosts a selection of Pedigree Sheep & Cattle Sales throughout the year.

These are all listed in the calendar under Pedigree and are white colour coded.

Sheep - 2023
Blue Texel Females - Monday 29th May
Badger Faced Females - Monday 29th May
Dorset Sheep - Saturday 7th August 
Kerry Hill - Monday 28th August 
Hampshire - Friday 1st September
Beltex - Friday 1st  September & Saturday 2nd September
Wensleydale  - Saturday 2nd September 
Jacob Sheep - Saturday 2nd September  
Dales Blues & Spotties - Saturday 2nd September
Easy Care - Saturday 9th September
Badger Face Texels - Saturday 9th September
Blue Texel - Saturday 9th September
Charollais - Tuesday 12th September
Texel - Thursday 14th & Friday 15th September 
Charollais Females - Saturday 14th October
Suffolk Females - Saturday 4th November 

Inlamb - 2023
Beltex - Saturday 16th December
Blue Texel - Saturday 16th December
Texel - Saturday 16th December

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Multi Breed Ram Press
29 September 2023

Pannal beaters! Another Robinson 2,400gns top price coup at CCM Skipton multi-breeds highlight

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Upcoming Sales

Upcoming events

  • Charollais Sheep (14/10/2023)
  • Suffolk Day (04/11/2023)
  • Blue Texel (16/12/2023)
  • Beltex Sale (16/12/2023)
  • Badger Face Texel (16/12/2023)