BELTEX SHEEP SOCIETY ANNUAL SHOW & SALE OF PEDIGREE RAMS AND FEMALES Leading price at the annual show of Beltex Breeding Sheep held under the auspices of the Beltex Sheep Society was a shearling ram ‘Signature Waiter’ shown by George Cropper of the Hudhey flock in Baxenden . bred from a Glantre Norris ewe, Clary Naevus son joined Rob Lambert of Wigglesworth for 2500gns. Karen SHuttleworth of the Heber Park flock of Gargrave produced the Woodies Ringleader son Heber Park Well-fit, a shearling ram which took second prize in a strong class and sold to EJ&AM Fox of Symonton for 2000gns. The first prize shearling ram was Elizabeth McAllisters Artnagullion flock with a ram by Grahams Ringo selling to Michael Hall of Airton for 1600gns.

Andrew Bishops, Bishops Flock produced the Supreme Champion a high quality January born ram lamb by Balbrydie Thor bred from a Dooley Nutter bred ewe which joined Madders & Johnson of Deer Park Farm for 1800gns.

Harry Wood of Dean Brow flock with his only shearling ewe on offer this year took first prize award in the shearling class with a daughter of Cree Sparticus which was bought by AJ Wood & Son of Whittingham for 1600gns.

A dispersal of stock ewe from Mesrs P&A Moss of the Holmebeck flock provided an opportunity for breeders with Holmebeck Roxanne a 4shear ewe the pick of the pen when selling for 1300gns to Stuart Wood of Skene.




Judge – Mr Paul Tippetts, Shifnal.


Aged Ram –

1st P&A Moss Lot 1

2nd J&JE Bradley Lot 6

3rd HC Jewitt Lot 2

Shearling Ram –

1st E McAllister Lot 155

2nd KCB Shuttleworth Lot 139

3rd WG Beckwith Lot 150

4th Jones & Roberts Lot 55

5th RJ&M Atkinson Lot 169

6th B Teasdale Lot 194

Ram Lamb –

1st AD&RC Bishop Lot 197

2nd CM Jennings Lot 196

3rd PN&VJ Noble Lot 203

4th AD&RC Bishop Lot 200

5th Jones & Roberts Lot 228

6th MR Davis Lot 217

Aged Ewe –

1st P&A Moss Lot 239

2nd HC Jewitt Lot 246

3rd A Barrett Lot 255

4th HC Jewitt Lot 243

Shearling Ewe –

1st H Wood Lot 257

2nd Armistead & Kellet Lot 261

3rd S Currie Lot 275

4th S Currie Lot 274

5th PN&VJ Noble Lot 332

6th GJ Cropper Lot 268

Ewe Lamb –

1st MR Davis Lot 350

2nd H Wood Lot 344

3rd H Wood Lot 343

4th MR Davis Lot 348

5th AC Hutchinson Lot 347


Champion Male – A Bishop Lot 197

Reserve Male - E McAlister Lot 155


Champion Female – H Wood Lot 257

Reserve Female – P&A Moss Lot 239


Supreme Champion - A Bishop Lot 197

Reserve Supreme Champion - H Wood Lot 257


Averages & Prices –


Gimmer Lambs – Av £294 (2014 £407)

Shearling Gimmers – Av £529 (2014 £395)

Aged Ewes – Av £455 (2014 £537)


Ram Lamb – Av £666 (2014 £406)

Shearling Ram – Av £633 (2014 £726)

Aged Ram – Av £997 (2014 £1325)


G Cropper 2500gns

KCB Shuttleworth 2000gns

AD&RC Bishop 1800gns

Jones & Roberts 1700gns

E McAllister 1700gns 1600gns

H Wood 1600gns

S Currie 1550gns

J&JE Bradley 1500gns



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