440 Breeding Sheep An increased entry of 440 head for this week’s sale as numbers begin to grow quickly. The entry was slightly more varied and trade also as well. Anything with strong lambs was good to sell as buyers definitely look towards quality and these would generally upkeep last week’s trade. However anything with young lambs at foot were cheaper on the week. Another good entry promised for next week, and there is a show and sale in two week’s time on Easter Monday.

Texel Cross

Shlgs and Single to £115 TWH Farming.

Shlgs and Twins to £162 RJ Umpleby.

2Shr and Singles to £170 Watson Livestock.

2shr ad Twins to £175 Watson Livestock.

Correct and Twins to £158 RJ Umpleby.

Correct and Singles to £170 RJ Umpleby.

B/M and Twins to £185 JGE Heseltine & Son.

B/M with Singles to £145 H Carr & Son.


Shlg with Twins to £150 S Sleightholme.

Shlg with Singles to £165 RJ Umpleby.

Correct and Twins to £180 JR&DL Ogden.

Correct and Singles to £122 JR&DL Ogden.

b/m and Twins to £170 F Reeday & Son.

b/m and 1.5 lambs to £105 B&M Craven & Son.

b/m and singles to £105 JR&DL Ogden