705 Breeding Sheep – 240 Ewes with 465 Lambs A larger show of 705 breeding sheep, comprising 240 Ewes with 465 lambs at foot, saw a very sharp trade for all Suffolk and Continental outfits, and very best Mule outfits in strong demand, but a commercial Mule outfit still looks value for money compared to some others. At the top end of things it was Rosy Dunn from York who had chief price at £275 for a pen of 5 Texel Shlgs with twins, and £245 for 5 Texel 2-3crop Ewes with twins. Andrew Throup from Silsden made £255 of 10 Texel 2shr ewes with twins, and £230 of a pen of 9 with 18.


J Tiplady Gargrave made £245 of Texel correct with twins, and P&AM Simpson Dacre made £230 of 3 Texel 3-4 crop ewes and twins. David Coates Coniston Cold made £220 of 6 Mule 2shr Ewes with 12 lambs. Several other pens topped £200, where as a nice outfit of twins was around £175-£190 and commercial twins £140-£160. Best of the singles was £160 for Texel Correct Ewes from A&G Midgley Luddendenfoot, but generally a good single outfit was £120 to £130 and a commercial outfit £100-£120.

NEXT WEEK – Easter Monday Show & Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Please advise the office of all entries. Classes for sheep in pairs and pens of 5. Also first of the Hoggs & Lambs next week, keep an eye on the catalogue posted online every Friday afternoon. Thankyou.


Suffolk Ewe with Single                     to £130

Suffolk Ewe with 1.5                          to £150

Texel Ewe with Single                        to £125

Texel Ewe with Twins                         to £255

Texel Shlg with Twins                         to £275

Texel Hogg with Single                       to £120

Mule Ewe with Single                         to £130

Mule Ewe with Twins                         to £220

Mule Ewe with 1.5                             to £150

Mule Shlg with Single                         to £130

Mule Shlg with Twins                         to £155

Char Ewe with Single                          to £160

Masham Ewe with Twins                   to £145

Cheviot Ewe with Twins                     to £105

Beltex Ewe with Twins                       to £245

Zwartable Ewe with  Twins               to £230