Breeding Sheep A slightly smaller show of sheep with lambs met with a blistering trade, with all classes up on the week, and an army of buyers looking for outfits. Still plenty of trade. Thomas Boothman had hoggs and lambs at £200 as did Robert & Raymond Johnson. Neil Heseltine hit £195 for shearling and twins, whilst ewes with single lambs were keenly sought all sale long, especially anything with power, Mark Lewis having 3 packets of sheep all at £158, Frank Throup £150 and plenty of others at £135-£140. Please advise the mart office of entries by Friday Lunchtime. Thankyou.


Suffolk Ewe with Single      to £120

Texel Ewe with Single         to £150

Texel Ewe with Twins         to £185

Texel Shlg with Single         to £158

Texel Hogg with Single       to £200 av £153

Texel Hogg with Twins        to £165

Mule Ewe with Single         to £158 av £134

Mule Ewe with Twins         to £160 av £147

Mule Ewe with 1.5              to £130

Mule Shlg with Single         to £125

Mule Shlg with Twins          to £195

Mule Hogg with Single        to £200 av £165

Mule Hogg with Twins        to £145

Swale Ewe with Twins        to £85

Beltex Ewe with Twins       to £190