Breeding Sheep – 129 Ewes with 196 Lambs A nice show of sheep with Continental and Suffolk cross ewes with nice lambs at foot in high demand, twins £200 to £225, singles £140 to £175, twins at £225 RJ Umpleby, Killinghall also £225 and £220 DP Moore, Triangle, Sowerby Bridge. Mule sheep were a mixed selection, with a shortage of best types and Mule outfits definitely benefit from lambs being just a shade older. Top Mule sheep £200 for Shearling Twins from David White Hebden.

Principle Prices

Suffolk Ewe with Single                      to £165

Suffolk Ewe with 1.5                           to £165

Texel Shlg with Single                         to £175

Texel Shlg with Twins                          to £225

Texel Ewe with Single                         to £160

Texel Ewe with Twins                          to £225

Texel Ewe with 1.5                              to £182

Mule Shlg with Single                         to £122

Mule Shlg with Twins                          to £200

Mule Ewe with Single                         to £132

Mule Ewe b/m with Twins                 to £165

Herdwick Ewe with Single                  to £80

Char Ewe with Twins                           to £128


Top Prices - £225 £220 D Moore; £225 £220 RJ Umpleby; £210 DM White; £205 M Burton;