1184 Breeding Sheep comprising 456 Sheep with 728 Lambs at foot. A brilliant entry of sheep for Easter Monday with over 450 outfits penned and sold, offering customers ringside an unrivalled choice covering older ewes with strong lambs for feeding out and younger outfits of Shearlings and Hoggs with lambs for including in a flock. The ringside was packed out with customers and a fast selling trade ensued with quality in strong demand.

Our Easter Prize Show was kindly judged by regular customers George and Gladys Emmott of Steeton and their choice of 1st Prize pen of 5 were some Texel Shearlings with Beltex cross Twins from P&AM Simpson Harrogate which later sold for £250 per outfit heading off into Cheshire. The third prize pen from the same farm made £270 per outfit heading to the same buyer for inclusion in a flock. The same vendor having two further pens at £260 and £250. Andrew Throup from Silsden had a good run of sheep including the 2nd prize pen of 5, some Texel 2 & 3 Shear ewes with Beltex lambs, they sold for £270 per outfit into Cumbria. The same vendor had first and second prize pairs of sheep with lambs, selling at £260 locally and £235 into the North East. Stephen Hutchinson of Kirkby Whiske Northallerton had top price in sale when he sold a 3 crop Beltex Ewe with twins and £310 and then a 2 shear Beltex Ewe with twins at £300.
Today was the first good entry of Hoggs with lambs and better end were generally £160 to £180 and commercial sorts £140 to £160. More available each week from now on. Shearlings got away well for the good outfits but a commercial sort for farming on can be bought at a handy price. Continental and Suffolk cross ewes remain good to sell, whilst Mule Ewes with Lambs are a more mixed trade.  


Texel hoggs with singles    to £185 (£169)
Texel hoggs with twins      to £170
Mule hoggs with singles    to £180 (£161)

Texel Shlgs & Twins            to £270 (£235)
Texel Shlgs & Singls            to £180 (£150)
Texel Ewes & Twins            to £270 (£194)
Texel Ewes & Singles          to £230 (£153)
Beltex Correct & Twins      to £310 (£258)
Suffolk Ewes & Twins         to £165 (£152)
Suffolk Ewes & Singles       to £155 (£131)
Mule Shlgs & Twins            to £200 (£184)
Mule Correct & Twins        to £235 (£157)
Mule Correct & Singles      to £120 (£115)
Mule bm and Singles          to £112 (£107)
Mule bm and 1.5 lambs     to £155
Masham correct & Singles to £138
Zwartbles correct & Twins to £150
Jacob Ewe correct & twins to £125