619 BREEDING SHEEP An increased entry of 241 sheep with 378 lambs at foot for the weekly attracted another large company of buyers to the ringside. Older sheep with strong lambs were again in high demand and would look dearer in comparison than the younger sheep with lambs at foot. Richard Caton had top price of the day with some correct Suffolk x Ewes with Twins at £195 the outfit.



***NEXT WEEK*** Annual Prize Show & Sale of Single Sheep with Lambs at Foot, Classes for Hoggs/Shearlings or Ewes/Hill Sheep. Please pre Enter Sheep with Mart Office by Friday Lunchtime. Includes Annual Consignment of Swaledale Ewes with Mule Lambs and Swaledale Lambs from John Bland, Glossop


Mule Hoggs & Singles                          to £175 AC Hutchinson

Texel Hoggs & Singles                         to £175 T Boothman

Texel Hoggs & Twins                           to £170 NM Parker

Mule Shearlings & Twins                    to £175 P Keyes

Texel Shearlings & Twins                    to £190 R Briggs

Texel Shearlings & Singles to £175 S Currie

Mule Ewes Correct & Twins              to £180 D&FJ Leeming

Texel Ewes Correct & Twins              to £185 JP Stirke

Suffolk Ewes Correct & Twins           to £195 R Caton

Swaledale Ewes Correct & Twins     to £170 DA Robinson

Cheviot Ewes Correct & Twins          to £160 R Caton

Beltex Ewes Correct & Twins            to £180 S Currie

Suffolk Ewes Correct & Singles         to £132 DA Wilcock & Sons

Texel Ewes Correct & Singles            to £145 JP Stirke

Beltex Correct & Singles                    to £120 S Currie

Mule Correct & 1.5 Lambs                                to £160 RM&HJ Lewis

Mule b/m & Correct                           to £172 SM Towler

Texel b/m & Twins                              to £162 AG Horn and R Caton

Cheviot b/m & Twins                          to £165 R Caton

Mule b/m & Singles                            to £115 AG Horn

Gritstone b/m & Singles                    to £115 DA Wilcock & Sons

Mule Gimmer Geld                             to £105 RL Handy