734 Breeding Sheep – 256 Ewes & 478 Lambs A large show of sheep with lambs, and the smart Continentals were a strong trade on the day, being the easiest types to sell. Good outfits with month old lambs finding £220 plus for twins. Mules needed big lambs too for a strong trade, but thise with younger lambs found the going tough at times. Our thanks to Ryan Staveley for judging todays early show and he gave out the following awards, with the first prixe pair from AL Thompson topping the trade at £380 per outfit. Thomas Boothman had a great run which produced the first prize pen of 5 at £270.


Early Show & Sale (Judge Mr R Staveley)

5 Cont Ewes with Lambs

1st T Boothman                    2nd T Boothman                   3rd CE&C Knaggs

5 Mule Ewes with Lambs

1st JR&DL Ogden                  2nd JR&DL Ogden                 3rd G Greenwood

2 Cont Ewes with Lambs

1st AL Thompson                  2nd T Boothman                   3rd T Boothman



Suffolk with Twins                              to £235

Suffolk Shlg with Twins                      to £235

Texel with Twins                                  to £270

Texel with Mixed                                 to £200

Texel Shlg with Single                         to £150

Texel Shlg with Twins                         to £240

Texel Hogg with Twins                       to £140

Mule with Twins                                  to £170

Mule with Mixed                                 to £140

Mule Shlg with Single                         to £140

Char with Twins                                   to £215

Beltex with Twins                                to £225

Beltex Shlg with Single                       to £380


Top prices - £380 AL Thompson; £270 £240 £235 T Boothman; £235 CE&C Knaggs; £250 RJ Umpleby; £230 £225 B&M Craven;


Swale Store Lambs                              to £50

Mule Store Lambs                               to £63.50