581 Breeding Sheep A busy sale for late in the season saw 229 Hoggs, Shearlings and Ewes with 352 Lambs at Foot presented for sale. The sale ring was packed and older sheep with strong lambs were keenly sought, but trade for Hoggs and Lambs has certainly become quieter in the last few weeks. As ever please advise entries to the mart office by 12noon Friday for inclusion in the online catalogue. Today we held our special late season show and sale of single sheep with lambs at foot. The following awards were given: Lowland sheep: 1st JM Daggett £180; 2nd C Nelson & Son £150; 3rd JW Stockdale & Son £200 Hill Sheep: 1st JH&J Bland £180; 2nd JH&J Bland £170

Principle Prices:

Texel Hoggs & Singles to £205 £200 £185 JW Stockdale & Son; £170 JM Daggett

Texel Hoggs & Twins to £205 JW Stockdale & Son

Texel Ewes Correct with Twins to £200 C Mitton, £195 G Harrison;

Texel Ewes Correct & Singles to £110 MJ&PJ Campbell

Texel Ewes b/m & Twins £190 G Harrison; £152 C Mitton

Suffolk Correct & Twins to £168 W Wildman

Mule Hoggs & Singles to £180 £172 JM Daggett

Mule ewes Correct & Twins to £175 £170(x2) A&SL throup; £172 £170 S Horn;

Mule Correct & Single to £110 £107 RL Handy

Mule b/m & Twins to £170 £160 A&SL Throup; £150 AG Horn

Masham Hoggs & Singles to £135 T Lund

Zwartbles x Hoggs & Singles to £230 JW Stockdale & Son

Lleyn Ewes Correct and Twins to £175 I Deighton

Swaledale Ewes Correct & Singles to £170 JH&J Bland

Swaledale Ewes b/m & Singles to £180 JH&J Bland

Swaledale Ewes incorrect & Singles to £135 JH&J Bland

Dalesbred Ewes b/m and Twins to £100 T Lund