679 Breeding Sheep (249 Ewes with 430 lambs) The largest show seen so far, with the trade brisk and very similar to recent weeks. Thomas Boothman’s Annual Consignment created much interest and sold to a top of £240 for Shearlings with Twins, and a further four pens at £230 each. Texel Shlg with twins to £240, £230 x4, £220x2, £215 T Boothman Shlgs and Singles to £170x2 T Boothman; £140 R Wallbank Correct with Twins to £230x2 215,£210, £205 T Boothman; £170 JW Hall Correct with Singles to £170 T Boothman; £142 A Midgley; £132 RG Johnson & Son B/M with Singles to £115 D Haigh Beltex Correct with Singles to £175 AV Bailey Suffolk Correct with Twins to £150 FM Shepherd Mule Correct with Twins to £178 T Bootman; £162 JW Hall Correct with Singles to £125 W Rathmell; £108 RG Johnson & Son B/M with Twins to £138 J Baines; B/M with Singles to £108 R Peel Zwartbles with Twins to £170 A Midgley Masham correct with Singles to £110 A Midgley