407 Breeding Sheep A lovely late season show for the Bank Holiday singles show experienced a nice trade, best of the day was £310 for the 1st Prize Lowland Ewe with a single lamb at foot. Presented by John & Janet Wilson, Settle, this Beltex cross Rouge Shlg with a Beltex Lamb sold to C Dabill, Yeadon. The same vendors had others at £240, £220 twice, and £200 twice. Hywell Williams Llangadog brought his second spring consignment north to Skipton and topped at £240 for a pair of Texel Hoggs with Singles. Other better end of Ewes with twins £180 to £200. Robert Johnson made £200 of Texel Hoggs with singles, JW Stockdale £190 of Texels with Twins, whilst best Mules with singles in the £180’s (£188 and £185 RG Johnson) and other good outfits in the £170’s, with Mule hoggs av £171 per outfit and Texles £174. Several batches of geld Gimmer hoggs had Texels at £150 MG Benson, £140 and £130 H Metcalfe, and Mules to £110 H Williams and £105 M Burton.



Several entries on the book for next week, and sales will continue weekly whilst entries keep coming forward. Next week includes 29 Mule Hoggs (homebred) with Continental lambs and 10-15 outfits Texel and Mule Hoggs with Lambs. Other entries to the Mart office by 5pm Friday please for catalogue listing. Thankyou


Show Results –
Class 1 - Horned Ewe with Lambs
1st C Nelson           2nd JH&J Bland      3rd C Nelson
Class 2 – Lowland Ewe with Lambs
1st J&J Wilson       2nd J&J Wilson      3rd HW Williams
Class 3 – Best Hogg with Lambs
1st RG Johnson      2nd HW Williams  3rd R Stockdale


Texel Hoggs                          to £150

Texel Ewe + Single               to £180

Texel Ewe + Twins               to £220

Texel Ewe + Mixed              to £190

Texel Shlg + Twins               to £165

Texel Hogg + Single             to £240

Mule Hoggs                           to £110

Mule Ewe + Single               to £122

Mule Ewe + Twins               to £148

Mule Ewe + Mixed              to £150

Mule Hogg + Single             to £188

Swale Ewe + Single             to £210

Chev Ewe + Single               to £115

Beltex Ewe + Single             to £240

Beltex Hogg + Single           to £140

Rouge Shlg + Single             to £310

Swale Shlg + Single             to £160

Zwartable Hogg + Single    to £170