827 Breeding Sheep (comprising 309 Sheep with 518 Lambs at foot) Another good entry of breeding sheep forward for sale, and like last week, a good mixture of young sheep with lambs and older sheep. Best of the Mule Hoggs with Singles came from Robert Johnson Felliscliffe selling at £180 the outfit, cloely followed by Messrs Gratton Warsill with two pens at £175 and one at £170. Ian Townson Settle also making £170 twice. Other decent types in the £160’s and some farming types £130-£140. Best of the Continental Shearlings were two pens of homebred Texels with twin Beltex Lambs from Simon Bennett Silsden Moor. These outfits ideal for inclusion in a flock being Enzo and Toxo, Hep P. Both pens sold for £270 per outfit with another at £230.


Peter Simpson Dacre was also in the mix with a pen of 8 Texel Shearlings and Twins making £240 and another pen at £230. Best Young Mules saw David Coates Coniston Cold with 2 shears and twins at £230 and £215. The nice correct ewes with twins were £170 to £190, Singles £110 to £120 with better singles £140 plus, Andrew Throup Silsden selling Texel with singles at £145, Messrs Kayley Halton West Texels with singles at £145, Robert Riley Flasby Texels with Singles at £160.


Next Week is the Bank Holiday Show & Sale of 700 Hoggs with Lambs and 1250 Geld Gimmer Hoggs followed by Weekly sale of 300 Outfits Sheep with Lambs. Sale commences 12:30pm. This is a fully catalogued sale.

Principle Prices
Texel Shlg with Twins to £270
Texel Correct with Twins £200
Texel Correct with Singles £160
Texel 1 teat with Twins £200

Mule Hoggs and Singles to £180
Mule Shlgs with Twins £175
Mule Correct with Twins to £230
Mule Correct with Singles to £130
Mule bm with Twins to £148
Mule bm with Singles to £110

Suffolk Correct with Twins to £182
Cheviot Correct with Twins to £160
Cheviot Correct with Single to £115
Cheviot bm and Twins to £140
Cheviot 1 teat and Twins to £152