A very good show of 215 outfits with 319 lambs at foot forward for the weekly sale which incorporated the Annual Show & Sale of Single Sheep with Lambs at foot. Hill sheep were kindly judged by Mr Charles Kitching, whilst lowland sheep were judged by Mr R Donaldson and Mr Howard Kitching.

John Bland took a clean sweep in the hill sheep class, and his first prize Swaledale Ewe with Mule Gimmer Lamb at Foot made £205, however the second prize outfit was a Swaledale Shearling with Swaledale Gimmer Lamb which topped the sale at £290 the outfit. Thomas Boothman of Linton had first and second prize Hogg with lambs and made £200 and £195 the outfit. James Hall made £190 of the third prize, a Mule Hogg with single lamb.
Outwith the show, anything with strong lambs was keenly contested, JP Stirke making £200 of Texel Shearlings with Singles and £190 of Texel Hoggs with Twins, TA Sutcliffe from Horton in Ribblesdale made £200 of Zwartbles Shearlings with Twins, John Stapleton made £195 of Texel Hoggs with Singles, and John Handley £190 of Mule Hoggs with Singles. Commercial types of outfits however could still be bought with the equivialent of £45 to £50 per life.

Usual Weekly Sale Next Monday at 12noon
Please advise the mart office of entries by Friday Lunchtime. Thankyou.

Mule Hoggs & Singles                          to £190 JW Hall
Texel Hoggs & Singles                         to £200 T Boothman
Texel Hoggs & Twins                           to £190 JP Stirke
Suffolk Hoggs & Singles                       to £162 RG Johnson
Zwartbles x Hoggs & Twins                to £160 JW Stockdale & Son
Zwartbles Shearlings & Twins           to £200 TA Sutcliffe
Jacob Shearlings & Twins                    to £150 S Moore
Texel Shearlings & Singles                  to £200 JP Stirke
Swaledale Shearlings & Singles          to £290 JH&J Bland & Son
Mule Ewes Correct & Twins              to £180 SM Towler
Texel Ewes Correct & Twins              to £200 JP Stirke
Dalesbred Correct & Twins                to £88 D Charnley
Jacob Correct & Twins                        to £135 S Moore
Herdwick Correct & Twins                 to £100 D Charnley
Zwartbles Correct & Twins                to £200 TA Sutcliffe
Mule Ewes Correct & Singles            to £110 FG Throup
Swaledale Ewes Correct & Singles     to £205 JH&J Bland & Son
Texel Ewes Correct & Singles            to £175 JP Stirke
Masham Ewes Correct & Singles      to £150 RW Hebdon
Herdwick Ewes Correct & Singles     to £85 S Moore
Mule b/m & Twins                              to £165 SM Towler
Texel b/m & Twins                              to £170 H Metcalfe
Swaledale b/m & Twins                     to £138 JH&J Bland & Son
Mule b/m & Singles                            to £95 AG Horn
Cheviot Ewes b/m & Singles             to £95 RW Hebdon