May Day Bank Holiday Show & Sale of Sheep with lambs and Geld Gimmer Hoggs. Forward: 2756 Breeding Sheep (inc. 1065 Geld Gimmer Hoggs and 735 outfits of Breeding Sheep with 956 lambs at foot).





A busy day in the main ring today 2756 Breeding Sheep through the ring commencing with 1065 Geld Gimmer Hoggs which sold to a good trade throughout and in front of many people’s expectations. Topping the day was a pen of cracking Beltex hoggs from Hywell Williams of LLanddeusant which sold for £185 with Donald Sunderland of Halton East topping the Mule hoggs at £148.


The tremendous show of hoggs and lambs found a ready audience from start to finish. Despite trade back slightly on last year the trade was buoyant throughout peaking with a pen of Beltex Hoggs with Beltex lambs from Steve Buckley of Doveholes, Derbyshire at £245. The impressive annual run from the Stapleton family of Skipton peaked at £240 for their usual quality run of texel hoggs with beltex lambs. For the first time, this year white faced hoggs and lambs out numbered Mule hoggs with lambs and forged an impressive trade with Texel X and Beltex X hoggs with Lambs averaging just shy of £195.


The best of the Mule Hoggs with Lambs again came from the Johnson Family of Felliscliffe which peaked at £205 for the first prize pen producing a strong average of £181 per outfit for their entire run. Malcolm Gratton of Warsill wasn’t far behind with high of £195 and an average of £179 with plenty of commercial type hoggs selling £160 - £170.


Another good show of Ewes and Lambs expected next week with circa 500 outfits expected with entries closing Friday.   


Judges – Brian Bowness, Andrew Grainger & Richard Batty


Geld Mule Hoggs

1st DW Sunderland sold for £148

2nd A Wilson & Son sold for £120

3rd JR Lancaster sold for £117


5 Mule Hoggs + Lambs

1st RG Johnson & Son sold for £205

2nd CM Gratton sold for £195

3rd RG Johnson sold for £170


5 Cont Hoggs + Lambs

1st KG Stapleton sold for £230

2nd SJ Buckley sold for £245

3rd JM Daggett sold for £210


Gimmer Hoggs

Suffolk                                   to £75                                    £75 F Marrison

Texel Hoggs                          to £130 av £99                     £130 JL North; £113 GT Carr; £110 PS Hamer

Masham                                to £98                                    £98 JC Lund

Mule                                       to £148 av £95                     £148 £140 £130 DW Sunderland; £120 A Wilson & Son; £117 JR Lancaster;

Swaledale                              to £81 av £77                       £81 £80 SW&JE Ryder;

Jacob                                      to £68                                    £68 T&J Smith;

Beltex                                    to £185                                  £185 HW Williams

Zwartable                              to £94                                    £94 GT Carr


Hoggs & Lambs

Suffolk                                   to £170                                  £170 SJ Buckley; £150 FG Throup;

Texel                                      to £240 av £191                  £240 £230 £210 KG Stapleton; £210x2 JM Daggett; £210x2 SD Bennett;

Mule                                       to £205 av £167                  £205 £190 £180 RG Johnson; £195 £180 CM&EM Gratton;

Beltex                                    to £245 av £197                  £245 £175 SJ Buckley; £205 HW Williams;



Suffolk with Single              to £145                                  £145 T Ogg

Suffolk with Twins              to £175 av £171                  £175 HW Williams

Texel with Single                 to £235 av £152                  £235 HW Williams

Texel with Twins                  to £210 av £178                  £210 B&ME Craven

Texel with 1.5                      to £190 av £153                  £190 R Bamforth

Texel Shlg with Single         to £200 av £195                  £200 R Bamforth

Texel Shlg with Twins         to £210 av £205                  £210 DS Thompson

Mule with Single                 to £118                                  £118 RD Metcalfe

Mule with Twins                  to £185 av £171                  £185 SM Coy

Mule Shlg with Single         to £132                                  £132 T Ogg

Mule Shlg with Twins         to £155                                  £155 T Ogg

Charollais with Single         to £170                                  £170 R Bamforth

Swaledale with Single        to £50                                    £50 RD Metcalfe

Beltex with Single               to £220 av £205                  £220 HW Williams

Lleyn Shlg with Twins         to £185                                  £185 Caring for Life