244 Breeding & Store Sheep and Goats Today we held a special additional sale of Sheep with Lambs at foot in conjunction with the Monthly Sale of Stirks and weaned calves. The star turn was the dispersal sale of The Brimar Flock of Registered Zwartbles Sheep held of behalf of Mrs Margaret Watkinson. The sale ring was packed to capacity with friends and breeders who came from far and wide to support the sale.

Leading price of 650gns was achieved on 2 occasions, first for a shearling Ewe by Gillhall Wonka sold with 2 lambs at foot and then another Gillhall Wonka Shearling with twin ewe lambs, both were purchased by Raymond Heigh of Bentham. The next person to invest in new bloodlines was Issy Hartley of The Pendle flock, based in Roughlee when she secured a three shear ewe with twins for 620gns. Next on the list was lot 1, this 4 Shear ewe with 2 ewe lambs at foot found a new home at 560gn with Mr S Preston, Hainworth, Keighley. The 16 Ewes with lambs at foot averaged £410.31 per head.

Commercial sheep with lambs were good to sell and found a very ready market. And a modest entry of 19 store goats and kids sold to a complete clearance.


Principle Prices


Beltex Shlg & Single - £145 S Holt

Beltex Correct & Twins- £210(x2) S Holt

Beltex Correct & Single - £170 £160 £145 S Holt

Suffolk Correct & Twins - £200 £190 TL Metcalfe

Charollais Correct & Single to £138 J Lawn

Suffolk Correct & Single - £145 £135 J Lawn

Texel Correct & Twins - £190 S Hodgson

Texel Gimmer Hoggs & Singles £150 S Hodgson

Gritstone Ewe b/m with Singles - £138 £130 J Stirzaker

Swaledale Ewes b/m & Twins - £110 FM Shepherd & Son

Swaledale b/m & Singles - £120 £115 £75 FM Shepherd & Son

Dalesbred Ewes with Singles - £90 R Townend

Herdwick Ewes & Singles - £68 S Hodgson

Welsh Ewes & Singles - £60 S Hodgson