Forward: 3,787 Head comp: 3,753 Ewes & Shearlings & 34 Pedigree Charollais CCM Auctions held their fortnightly sale of Gimmer Shearlings and Breeding Ewes at Skipton Mart on Tuesday.


Next Breeding Ewe & Gimmer Shearling Sale is on Tuesday 26th  September and will include the

Annual Special Sale of Halfbred and Horned Ewes broken mouthed, correct below and feeding ewes.

Entries close Monday  18th Sept at 4pm.


Show Results –

Judge – Mr A Fisher, Pateley Bridge

Mule Shearling (Pens 10)

1st RG Johnson

2nd JE Thwaite

3rd Fox Farms


Continental Shearling (Pens 10)

1st Lambert Coverdale

2nd FA Nairey

3rd G Taylor


Masham Shearling (Pens 10)

1st RN Thompson


Texel                     to £205 av £148

£205x2 £190 G Taylor; £190 B&A Myers; £175 £170 £165 LW&EJ Coverdale; £170 TA Robinson;

Mule                     to £175 av £126

£175x2 Fox Farms; £172 T&S Binns; £170 D&J Coates; £170x2 £165x2 T&S Binns; £160 JE Thwaite;

Lleyn                     to £130

£130 J Bownass;



Texel                     to £150 av £145

£150 £145 £130 T&S Binns;

Mule                     to £155 av £126

£155x3 £150x2 T&S Binns; £142 £140x2 D&J Coates;

Suffolk                                 to £130 av £116

£130 JR Taylor; £110 D Spencer;


Texel                     to £98 av £90

£98 £95 FA Caton; £95 JR Taylor; £95x2 K Dickinson; £85 JG&B Brown;  

Mule                     to £108 av £80

£108 W Richardson; £90 P Metcalfe; £90 JW Stockdale; £89 RA&M Earnshaw; £86 JA&JH Hewetson;  



Texel     to £64 av £59

£64 P&S Alpe; £474 DE&CP Sayer;

Mule     to £88 av £65

£88 JW Stockdale; £80 M Ryder & Son; £75 JA&JH Hewetson; £72 RA&M Earnshaw;



A useful entry of Charollais Rams sold on behalf of members of The BCSS attracted a good ringside of buyers and resulted in a sale clearance rate of nigh on 90%, as most were easily sold. Shearling Rams sold to a joint top of 650gns, first from Deborah Whitchers’ Galtres flock, and then from Mark Worthingtons’ Moss Side flock. Shearling rams averaged a very pleasing £523.25 per head for a 100% clearance rate. Ram lambs were a nice trade to average £330.17 and sold to 450gns for the champion form CW&V Marwoods’ Foulrice Flock.


Show Results –

Judge –

Class 1 – Shearling Ram

1st D Whitcher Lot 1


3rd M Worthington Lot


Class 2 – Lamb Ram

1st CW Marwood Lot 24

2nd J Stott JNR Lot 19

3rd K Foster Lot 31


CHAMPION – CW Marwood Lot 24

RESERVE – D Whitcher Lot 1


Prices – (gns)


DR Whitcher                       650gns

M Worthington                 650gns 580gns 550gns

CW Marwood                    500gns 450gns x4

J Stott Jnr                            480gns