FORWARD: 1121 Breeding Ewes & 87 Rams. A good sale today with ewes of all classes in nice demand. Older Mule ewes in good condition from late 70’s to early 90’s, whilst commercial Mule shearlings were around £120. Continental bred sheep were a mixed show, some good Blue Texels as part of a dispersal from Ronnie Bailey, Reeth topped at £180 for shearlings and £160 for Ewes whilst R Sadler topped the sale at £200 for gimmer lambs.


Horned ewes were mainly broken mouth, correct below, and these generally made late 30’s or in the 40’s, feeding types either side of £30.
The next sale for Ewes of all breeds and all classes of rams is on Tuesday 29th October, and this will be our last Tuesday sale for this season. Next Tuesday (22nd Oct) is the 4th Gimmer Lamb sale with 2,300 head entered, also 195 Registered Dalesbred Sheep and Rams plus our new sale of Hill Rams for which there are 54 Cheviot, Lonk, Gritstone, Herdwick and BFL Rams entered. In November breeding sheep, gimmer lambs and rams will be sold in a separate ring on Store Lamb Wednesdays (13th & 27th Nov), entries for all these sales to the mart office. Thankyou.


Gimmer Lambs

Blue Texel           to £200 av £139                   R Sadler

Lleyn                     to £70                                    J Bownass




Blue Texel           to £180                                 RJ Bailey

Texel                     to £130                                 DDH Estates

Suffolk                 to £120                                 AJ Shepherd

Mule                     to £122 av £108                 J Bradley

Swale                    to £88 av £79                     JB Taylor

Lleyn                     to £142 av £128                RG&SJ Paul


Aged Ewe

Mule                     to £96                                   WG&YB Walmsley

Swaledale           to £72                                    JB Taylor

Dalesbred           to £58                                    D&C Newhouse

Texel                     to £80                                    WG&YB Walmsley

Blue Texel           to £160                                  RJ Bailey

Lleyn                    to £92                                   N Speake


B/M Ewes

Mule                     to £72                                    JR Smith

Swaledale           to £46                                    AG Horn

Dalesbred           to £42                                    JK Wilson

Lleyn                     to £70                                    H&M Plews

Suffolk                 to £48                                    BW Appleton

Texel                     to £68                                    BW Appleton




Texel                     to 480gns            RC Robinson

Charollais            to 320gns            CW Marwood

Beltex                   to 300gns            PM Darwin


Lamb Ram

Suffolk                 to 250gns             G&FJ Soulsby

BFL                         to 150gns             N Peacock


Aged Ram

Texel                     to 360gns            WG&YB Walmsley

Charollais            to 260gns             T Walmsley

Lleyn                     to 240gns             T Fryars