2209 Forward: 335 Shearlings, 471 2shr to Correct Ewes and 1403 Broken Mouthed Ewes CCM Auctions fortnightly sale of breeding sheep produced another good clearance for a more commercial show of shearlings with Texel crosses averaging £121 and Mules £118. Older Ewes again produced strong interest as has been the case for most of this season. Best younger sheep £100 or more, correct full mouth sheep £85-£100 and broken mouthed lowland sheep in the 60’s and 70’s, Mule to £82 for a strong pen from A&ED Booth, Giggleswick.

The Annual sale of correct below horned ewes (mainly broken mouthed) were better to sell on the year, although sheep were generally in far better nick as well, best sheep £50 to £65, good commercial types in the £30’s and £40s, lower end to feed in the £20’s. Overall selling average of £36.



Saturday 5th October – 10am – 3,847 Swaledale Ewes/Gimm Shlgs

Monday 7th October – 6pm – 70 Swaledale Rams

Tuesday 8th October – 1pm – 1,400 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs



Texel                     to £130 av £121                   MJD Gillett

Mule                      to £126 av £118                 W Mason & Son                               

Masham               to £98 av £94                     M&B Allen

Lleyn                     to £140                                 J Bownass

Beltex                   to £120                                 MJD Gillett



Texel                     to £170 av £97                   LW&EJ Coverdale            

Mule                      to £100 av £86                   C Mitton

Swaledale           to £60 av £42                       JM&S Tennant

Cheviot                 to £65 av £63                     LJ Penter

Lonk                      to £80 av £77                     RS Howard

Suffolk                  to £105 av £96                   GB Moorhouse


Broken Mouthed            

Texel                     to £70 av £63                     N Speake

Mule                     to £82 av £62                     A&ED Booth

Swaledale           to £65 av £36                     ASE Crisp

Dalesbred           to £45 av £38                     K Lister & Son

Lleyn                     to £60                                    N Speake

Cheviot                to £65 av £62                     K Lister & Son