MARKET REPORT – TUESDAY 28th OCTOBER 2018 FORWARD: 1,532 Breeding Sheep & Gimmer Lambs. (1364 Gimmer Lambs and 168 Dalesbred Sheep) CCM Auctions conducted their fourth fortnightly sale of Gimmer Lambs at Skipton on Tuesday where there was a greater demand in evidence from a larger contingent of Southern buyers, many of whom were making their first trips North this season for sheep.

A much sharper trade was witnessed and the sale average showing a £1.12p rise on the year when levelling at £62.16 for all Mule gimmer lambs, NEMSA Gimmer Lambs stood at £65.96, a rise of £5.17p. Nice lambs were keenly contested, John Airey from Elslack selling three pens at £90 and a fourth at £88, other best pens on the day in the 70’s and early 80’s, whilst runners were mainly in mainly in the early 60’s and late 50’s. Masham Gimmer lambs also had a good following, averaging £66 qand topping at £70.

Another decent entry is already coming together for our FIFTH SALE OF GIMMER LAMBS which is to be held on Wednesday 14th November, for which we usually have an entry of around 1500-1800 Mule Gimmer lambs.



Gimmer Lamb Sale



NEMSA Gimmer Lambs av £65.96

£90x3 £88 JR&AE Airey; £83 £82 £80 AS&L Throup; £81 G&MA Lawn; £75 JM&S Tennant;


Mule av £60.26

£71x2 T Panter; £70 JA Stoney; £69 W&M Bland; £68 JB Taylor; £66 W Harrison; £66 J Cheetham;  


Masham av £66.44

£70 A&SL Throup; £69 £68 £64 JM Wilson & Son; £66 D&GC Newbould;