FORWARD: 221 Breeding Sheep & Rams. Today was the final Tuesday Sale for this season, and the sale was mainly taken up with rams. A good enquiry for Texel Shearling Rams with size and power, top price was £650 from S Breare of Silsden Moor who sold 7 in total to average £497.


EB Webster sold a 3 Shear at £550 and other decent sorts £350 to £450. A few Blue Faced Leicesters forward, best around £400, whilst the ram trade of the day was reserved for the Cheviots which saw a total clearance, probably a sign of their increasing popularity in this region which has certainly been evident at Wednesday Store Lamb Sales. Top price was £500 paid to Westalls of Briercliffe, with the main of the shearling rams £300 to £350 and aged rams £200 to £250.
Only a small selection of mainly older broken mouth or correct ewes penned for sale, and prices reflect this, however, one pen of nice Texel cross Shearlings from Howard Metcalfe of Silsden topped the female section and made £195 per head.


***Breeding Sheep, Rams and Gimmer Lambs*** these will continue to be sold for the remainder of this season on Store Lamb Wednesdays with Store Sheep in the Main Ring, and Ewes, Rams, Gimmer Lambs in the Lingfields Ring at Lunchtime. Please enter all sheep for future sales by ringing the mart office.

Next Wednesday (4th Nov) there are 7,550 Store, Feeding & Breeding Sheep entered, including 1,059 Ewes, Rams and Gimmer Lambs in the Lingfield Ring at 12:30pm. Thankyou.



Texel     to £195                 H Metcalfe

WFW    to £80                    SK Watson

Aged Ewe

Texel     to £40                    FW Horner

Cheviot to £75                    F&HL Jackson

Lonk      to £60                    Westalls

Easy       to £66                    Westalls

B/M Ewes

Texel     to £40                    FW Horner

Mule     to £55                    Lambert-Milehouse

Swale    to £25                    BW Appleton



Ram Lambs

Texel                     to £400                                 B&A Myers

BFL                         to £400                                 JM&S Tennant



Texel                     to £650 av £365                S Breare              


Aged Ram

Texel                     to £550                                 EB Webster

BFL                         to £350                                 JW Stockdale

Cheviot                to £350                                 P&M Asbury

WFW                    to £100                                 SK Watson




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