Breeding Sheep - Tuesday 28th April 2020

MARKET REPORT – TUESDAY 28th APRIL 2020. Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot. Forward: 385 Breeding Sheep.

It was good to get back to live selling and todays sale had a good entry forward with a sharp trade all round. Older ewes with lambs at foot were keenly sought with a good number of keen bidders for this category. Texel Ewes with Twins at foot sold to £240 from RA Sutcliffe of Skipton, and a pen of 18 Mule Ewes Correct with 36 lambs at foot to £190 from Sam and Joanne Coy of Rotherham. Mule Ewes with mixed mouths and Twins at foot were £155 to £175, and singles mixed mouths from £115 to £130. Mule Ewes 2 shear with twins sold to £220 from D&J Coates, Coniston Cold, and several pens of nice Mule Hoggs with singles all ranging from £170 to £175. Plenty of customers for all classes, and a good enquiry for next weeks sale. Please enter your sheep and sell with confidence. There is an vendor entry form you can complete to send with your sheep so full details can be read out at time of sale.
We still have several lots to sell off farm, and in the current circumstances for your safety if you prefer to sell or buy direct from the farm then we are still trading via this medium and have people looking for sheep, please phone either Ted or Kyle. 


NEXT SALE – Tuesday 5th May


** Geld Hoggs ** Hoggs with Lambs & Foot ** Ewes & Shearlings with lambs at Foot**

(Entries close Wed 29th April 4pm – Please call mart office)


Principle Prices

Texel Hoggs with Singles               £170                                       S Breare

Texel Ewes with Singles                 £135 av £123                      FM Shepherd & Son

Texel Ewes with Twins                   £240 av £172                      RA Sutcliffe

Mule Hoggs with Singles               £175 av £171                      CM&EM Gratton

Mule Ewes with Singles                 £130                                       FM Shepherd & Son

Mule Ewes 2shr with Twins          £220                                       D&J Coates

Mule Ewes with Twins                    £190 av £171                      SN Coy

Dalesbred Ewes with Singles       £95 av £90                           JM Wilson & Son.

Dalesbred Ewes with Twins          £105                                       JM Wilson

Suffolk Ewes with Twins                £170                                       RW Hebdon

Beltex Ewes with Twins                 £210                                       R Sutcliffe           






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