1971 Forward: CCM Auctions fortnightly sale of breeding sheep, correct & broken mouthed. Breeding sheep of all classes sold tremendously well today.



Saturday 3rd October – 10am – 3,024 Swaledale Ewes/Gimmer Shearlings

Tuesday 6th October – 1pm – 1065 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs

Monday 12th October – 6pm – 100 Swaledale Aged & Shearling Rams


Breeding sheep of all classes sold tremendously well today. Shearlings and aged sheep of all breeds sold better than expected with buyers there for numbers of both mules and continentals. Mule shearlings sold to a top of £185 from PL Metcalfe with many pens in the £140-£152 for second/ third draw shearlings. Texel shearlings sold to a top of £182 from JW Hall with most strong sorts of around the £140-£150.
2 crop suffolks from J+C Wright sold at £148 & £142. 2 crop Texels £155 & £140 from J Robetshaw and 2 crop mules sold to avg £138. 3 crop mules a range of prices with size selling well £145-£70.

Aged ewes sold to a good selection of buyers there for both feeding and farming. A tremendous run of sheep from B Emsley (flock dispersal) sold with aged ewes at £150-£140 for some strong texels. Smaller texel/beltex ewes from the same farm were £120-£130 and some older ewes £110. Aged Mules at £85-£60 depending on how old and size with big strong ewes at £80-£85 and good farming ewes in the £70’s with some leaner sorts £60-£70.

As anticipated the Annual Sale of Broken Mouthed Horned Breeding Sheep saw sheep in good condition and an increase on the year of £17.52. Bright ewes although broken mouthed but still fit for 2 crops of mule lambs were the pick of the trade £65-£80 with commercial types £55-£65. Ewes to feed were £21-£39.




Texel                     to £182 av £163                                 JW Hall                

Mule                      to £185 av £146                                 PL Metcalfe                                       

Suffolk                 to £138 av £134                                 BWE Emsley      

Lleyn                     to £158                                 J Bownass          



Texel                     to £155 av £147                                 J Robertshaw                    

Mule                      to £145 av £104                                 MK&LC Hall        

Suffolk                  to £148 av £145                                 J&C Wright         


Aged/Broken Mouthed

Texel                     to £150 av £121                                 BWE Emsley      

Mule                     to £85 av £70                     A&ED Booth      

Swaledale           to £80 av £53                     JM&S Tennant  

Dalesbred           to £55 av £52                     JM Wilson & Son             

Lleyn                     to £82 av £75                     N Speake            

Cheviot                to £85 av £62                     H&M Plews

SBF                         to £55 av £44                     D Rawsthorne