Forward: 2,091 Breeding Sheep Comp 928 Shearlings & Correct Ewes and Annual sale of 1,163 Broken Mouth Ewes CCM Auctions held their Fortnightly Sale of Breeding Ewes together with The Annual Sale of Broken Mouth Ewes. Trade for young sheep was equal to that seen at the previous sale with shearlings of all breeds good to sell. The second part of todays’ sale comprised of the broken mouth correct below ewes, the sheep in this section were shown in far better bloom than last year, and this definitely had a positive effect on trade with prices much stronger on the year.


Texel                     to £150 av £139                 B Watchorn & Son

Mule                     to £170 av £134                  B Watchorn & Son

Swaledale             to £52                                  AJ&HC Clark

White Faced         to £88                                  S Sunter

Beltex                   to £118 av £94                    D Wood

Zwartable             to £135                                 B Robinson



Mule                     to £140 av £80                    RW Airey

Texel                     to £98 av £89                      RL Handy

Suffolk                  to £78                                  RL Handy

Masham                to £68                                  D Wood

Swaledale             to £78 av £67                      J Palmer & Son

Beltex                   to £85                                  RL Handy


Broken Mouthed            

Texel                     to £78 av £55                      M Ryder & Son

Mule                     to £85 av £60                      W Mason & Son

Swaledale             to £85 av £53                      E&E Metcalfe

Dalesbred             to £46 av £36                      JK Wilson

Cheviot                 to £62 av £56                      H&M Plews

Lleyn                     to £74 av £67                     CD&RF Kitching