MARKET REPORT – TUESDAY 5th MAY 2020. Annual Special Sale of Geld Gimmer Hoggs & Hoggs with Lambs at Foot, together with Weekly Sale of Ewes with Lambs at Foot. Forward: 1201 Breeding Sheep.


A great sale was conducted at Skipton today with many quality annual consignments forward for buyers to openly compete for. The day commenced with geld gimmer hoggs, and trade was on a sharp note with customers competing well to secure the offering, best of the continentals to £160 from Hywell Williams, Carmarthenshire, and geld Mules topped £152 from RJ Umpleby, Killinghall levelling nicely in front of expectations at £115 per head.

Hoggs and Lambs followed, and a very fast selling trade ensued. Texel outfits with singles found keen favour, nice sorts £185 to £210 per outfit, and the best makers with good Beltex lambs £215 plus, to a top of £260 per outfit from George & John Stapleton of Skipton. Mules were equally as well sought after, nice sorts £170/£180 best end £190 to £200, with Saddle End Farms of Chipping leading the way at £208. Texel Singles averaged £209, and Mule Singles averaged £183. Both a nice rise on the year.

Ewes and Lambs followed the same vien, and as ever at this sale young outfits to include in flocks were in good demand. Young Texel Ewes with Twins saw 3 pens at £230 from AN Throup, and Thomas Panter of Hellifield topping the section at £235, other better outfits similar prices and shlgs with singles to £170.
One highlight of the day was a Texel Ewe and Lamb that Hywell & Enfys Williams sold for NHS Charities which raised a total of £500 to a very worthwhile cause, and a huge thankyou to Kevin Marshall for supporting this cause,

Today we also live streamed our sale, and so although vendors have to “drop and go”, you can then watch your stock sold remotely from the comfort of your own home. We are open again next Tuesday for our weekly sale, please give us a ring with your entries, the grass is coming and buyers are keen! Sell with confidence that we can offer you a full all round service.   


NEXT SALE – Tuesday 13th May



(Entries close Friday 8th May at 4pm – Please call Ted Ogden or Kyle Hawksworth)



Principle Prices

Geld Texel Hoggs                              to £160 av £112                                 HW Williams

Geld Mule Hoggs                              to £152 av £115                                 RJ Umpleby

Texel Hoggs & Single                       to £260 av £209                                 KG Stapleton

Texel Hoggs & Twins                       to £220 av £203                                 M Burton

Texel Ewe & Single                           to £300 av £240                                 HW Williams sold for NHS Charities

Texel Ewe & Twins                           to £235 av £230                T Panter

Mule Hoggs & Single                       to £208 av £183                                 Saddle End Farms

Mule Hoggs & Twins                       to £180                                 JR Fothergill

Mule Shlgs & Singles                       to £170 av £162                                 I Townson

Mule Shlgs & Twins                         to £190                                 S Foster

Mule Ewe & Single                           to £175 av £136                                 B&LN Dibb

Mule Ewe & Twins                           to £190 av £172                                 SM Towler

Suffolk Ewe & Single                       to £82                                    P Lofthouse

Suffolk Ewe & Twins                        to £205                                 B&LN Dibb

White Faced Ewe & Single            to £92                                    P Lofthouse

Lonk Ewe & Twins                            to £145                                 T Panter




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