FORWARD: 908 Breeding Ewes & 29 Rams. A late season feel to the sale but still customers supporting good runs of Mule, Lleyn and Texel Shearlings. Hill ewe customers more selective with the highlight a run of sound 4 crop Cheviot ewes. Odd sheep losing a tooth averaging £91 and their 3 crop counter parts in the same conditions averaging £102.


Full clearance of tups today with both Texels and Suffolks selling away to an active crowd. Farmers looking to buy their stock tups as numbers are soon decreasing in the sales. 250-400gns for some nice smart Texel shlg tups and 280-300gns for the Suffolk shlgs.

Next Sale of breeding sheep Tuesday 27th October including all classes of lowland breeding ewes, horned ewes, Hill bred ewes and 2nd Sale of Leicester Rams, Hill Rams and all breeds of lowland rams. Entries to the Mart office please.



Texel                     to £140 av £98                  RG&SJ Paul

Mule                     to £140 av £132                T&A Hid

Swale                    to £95 av £86                     JG&B Brown

Lleyn                     to £148 av £141                 J Bownass

Easy care             to £105 av £105                 RS&HA Davey


Aged Ewe

Mule                     to £128 av £115                 N Pepper

Swale                    to £70 av £67                     JG&B Brown

Lleyn                     to £130                                 DR Robinson

Cheviot                to £102                                 K Lister & Son

Dalesbred           to £64 av £60                     K Lister & Son


B/M Ewes

Mule                     to £105 av £78                   JR Smith

Swale                    to £70 av £47                     R&E Cowperthwaite

Dalesbred           to £58 av £43                     JK Wilson

Lleyn                     to £95 av £71                     N Speake




Suffolk                  to 400gns             ID&JC Briggs

Texel                     to 500gns             DH&FA Lucas

Beltex                   to 300gns             G Fort


Lamb Ram

Suffolk                 to 300gns             ML Evans