69 Rearing Calves to £460 B&W av £71.87 Cont av £341.76 Native av £311.4 David Smith of Bents Farm, Sutton In Craven took the top honours at the Autumn Show and Sale of Calves. With a strong show of top end calves Richard Umpleby’s job was not easy, with some deliberation the sweet 5 ½ week old calf from the Smith family took his eye and took the top rosette and went to the day’s top price of £460.


Trade was not as electric as we have seen at previous calf shows but it wasn’t bad by any stretch, with all calves selling well in relation to the recent trade. 6 calves went passed the £400 barrier with Smiths, Sowray’s and Church Farm on the receiving end.


The natives were unstoppable today with first man in the ring Duncan Holme averaging £337.50 for his consignment of 4 Aberdeen Angus calves topping at £370 for a strong heifer whilst Nephew Alan Middleton made £320 of a handy bull to top off the native prices.


Black and Whites remained similar on the week with handier fleshy calves £75 - £100 and commercial types £55 - £75 with the very best up to £145.   


Autumn Show Results -

BB Bull Calf

1st C Smith & Son

2nd A Sowray & Son

3rd J Gooch


BB Heifer Calf

1st A Sowray & Son

2nd Church Fm Enterprises

3rd J Gooch

Limousin Heifer Calf

1st RD Metcalfe & Son


Limousin Bull Calf

1st A Sowray & Son


Native Bull Calf

1st Church Farm Enterprises

2nd JP&KE Hartley

3rd GD&JC Holme


Native Heifer Calf

1st JP&KE Hartley

2nd GD&JC Holme

3rd GD&JC Holme

Black and White

1st AL Dean

2nd RD Guy


Continental Heifer Stirk

1st Church Farm Enterprises

2nd Church Farm Enterprises

3rd Church Farm Enterprises

Other Continental Heifer

1st A Sowray & Son





Champion – C Smith & Son                                Reserve – A Sowray & Son


Bull Calves

Limousin x to £320 RD Metcalfe & Son                          

Brit Blue x (Av £357.33) to £460 C Smith                     

Aberdeen Angus ( Av £283) to £320 GD &JC Holme                                                   

MRI to £160 N&R Sutcliffe

Shorthorn (Av £160) to £190 FA Holmes                                      

Black & White (Av £71.87) to £145 WA Brown                           


Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x (Av £290) to £330 RD Metcalfe                   

Brit Blue x (Av £331.67) to £390 Church Farm Enterprises                       

Ab Angus (Av £345) to £370 GD&JC Holme                                                  

Charolais to £370 A Sowray & Son