Rearing Calves to £520 (78) Dairy av £73.38 Cont av £304.8 Native av £177.76 £520 was the top call of the day at today’s autumn calf show with a healthy trade throughout. The champion calf presented by Shaun Sowray of A Sowray & Son, Bishop Thornton was an exceptionally well shaped British Blue bull and sold for the highest price of the day. Limousin’s saw some heady prices too with bulls averaging £381 and heifers £277, Native bulls saw some fierce competition with Sowray’s topping again at £330 for a strong Angus bull.

The trade was not all rosy, with straight, honest calves harder to place today with the fierce bidding on best calves making the difference all the more noticeable. Best, well conformed continental heifers however were all well above £350 plus topping at £410 for Sowray’s heifer.


A small amount of dairy calves were forward although what was on offer was a good trade with Ralph Guy’s 1st prize Friesian selling for £140. Flekvieh bulls were also a nice trade with the Bentley family averaging £151 for their entries.


NB Next week is the Craven Dairy Sale.


Show – Judge Matthew Dibb

1 Blue Bull                             1st A Sowray & Son             2nd JP&KE Hartley                3rd J&S Lancaster

2 Blue Heifer                        1st A Sowray & Son             2nd JP&KE Hartley                3rd A Sowray & Son

3 Lim Bull                              1st M&R Smith                     2nd C&SB Whitelock            3rd G Pickersgill & Son

4 Lim Heifer                          1st C&SB Whitelock

7 Native Bull                         1st A Sowray & Son             2nd C&SB Whitelock            3rd RD Guy

8 Native Heifer                    1st DM DL J Heron               2nd DM DL J Heron              3rd DM DL J Heron

9 B&W                                   1st RD Guy                             2nd ID&JC Briggs

Champion – A Sowray & Son           

Reserve – JP&KE Hartley


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £381) to £400 C&SB Whitelock                           

Brit Blue x (Av £310.45) to £520 A Sowray & Son                                                       

Aberdeen Angus (Av £259.9) to £330 A Sowray & Son

Flekvieh (Av £151.67) to £180 CN Bentley

Hereford X (Av £132.5) to £135 Flasby Estates

Dairy Shorthorn (Av £46.67) to £75 Flasby Estates

Flekvieh (Av £151.67)  to £180 CN Bentley                  

Black & White (Av £50.57) to £140 RD Guy                  


Heifer Calves                       

Hereford x (Av £100) to £100 Flasby Estates and ID&JC Briggs                                                               

Ab Angus (Av £122) to £140 DLDM&J Heron                                                               

British Blue (Av £271) to £410 A Sowray & Son

Lim (Av £277) to £365 C&SB Whitelock