Rearing Calves to £435 (46) B&W av £68.20 Cont av £309.55 Native av £208.45 A healthy show of calves this morning but could sold a heap more. Best continental calves from John and Rob Marshall of Dacre sold to £435 with Church Farm Enterprises also seeing £430 and £425 with 7 calves over and above the £400 mark, which includes the top price heifer also from Church Farm Enterprises at £415.

A run of good Angus bulls on offer today topped out at £340 for a strong bull from Gavin and Helen Herd of Hebden with a strong average of £264 for the bulls on offer. Black & Whites were also in a high gear with the an average of £68.20 topping for some fleshy types off Chris Drake at £130.


Bull Calves

Brit Blue x (Av £335) to £435 JC Marshall;                                                   

Aberdeen Angus (Av £264) to £340 D&J Herd;

Black & White (Av £68.20) to £130 CJ&DD Drake;                     


Heifer Calves                       

Hereford (Av £117) to £120 ID&JC Briggs

British Blue (Av £308.18) to £415 Church Farm Enterprises

Lim (Av £207.5) to £355 NA Bell