Rearing Calves to £405 (50) B&W av £84.04 Cont av £327.49 Native av £350 Another fresh face for Black and Whites today with the predominantly Holstein bred calves receiving a strong trade to average £84.04 and top at £120 on 3 occasions, 1 of those from Johny Moon, Wigglesworth and 2 from Paul and Janet Bolland of Airton. Blue bulls again set the pace with Martyn Jennings hitting £405 with a sweet bull taking the average to £368.30. David Brown saw a roaring trade again for his Lincoln Red sired calves averaging £350 for the only native entries of the day. NB: Once again our calves averaged 38 days of age and still a strong trade.

Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £300) to £300 PJ Bolland                       

Brit Blue x (Av £368.3) to £405 MP Jennings                               

Lincoln Red x to £360x2 D&P Brown                                                                              

Saler (Av £240) £250 RL Wright & Son                          

Black & White (Av £84.04) to £120 JR&MJ Moon & PJ Bolland X2                           


Heifer Calves                       

Lincoln Red x to £330 D&P Brown                  

Brit Blue x (Av £284.29) to £340x2 MP Jennings                                                                                         

Saler (Av £205) to £220 RL Wright & Son