Rearing Calves to £460 (127) Dairy av £69 Cont av £303.65 Native av £170.5 A strong consignment of calves presented this morning after the three week Christmas break. However even more packed than the pens was the ringside of purchasers with no fewer than 25 different purchaser’s ringside. The pre-sale judging was carried out by the regular ringside face of Tom Heseltine of Bolton Abbey. The Champion was chosen from the pen of British Blue bulls with Shaun Sowray’s tremendous British Blue bull taking the top honours and the sale top price of £460. Throughout the sale calves were a good steady trade with the better end of the Continental cross bulls regularly past £400. Middle road of the continentals were a straight trade this morning however a lot less buyers on this type of calf today.

Continental heifers peaked at £410 for the Reserve Champion from Church Farm Enterprises selling to the Abbott brothers of Dacre, with best heifers £350 - £400 all day long, although smaller plainer types were harder to place with prices ranging from £180- £240


Native bull calves were a straight trade today with more interest on heifers too today with bulls averaging £206 and heifers £135.


Dairy bull calves were well supported today despite a two tier show of calves. The best of the calves were either side of £100 with John Dugdale of Settle peaking at £150.



Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £283.75) to £360 RE Ayrton & Son                     

Brit Blue x (Av £330.63) to £460 A Sowray & Son                                                       

Aberdeen Angus (Av £205.91) to £250 JP&KE Hartley & Son

Dairy Shorthorn (Av £76.33) to £120 Flasby Estates

Hereford X (Av £155) to £155 ID&JC Briggs

Black & White (Av £66.89) to £150 H&M Dugdale & Son                         


Heifer Calves                       

Ab Angus (Av £134.55) to £200 JP&KE Hartley                                                            

British Blue (Av £274.77) to £410 Church Farm Enterprises

Lim (Av £285) to £350 M&R Smith


Champion: A Sowray & Son              Reserve Champion: Church Farm Enterprises


BB Bull

1st A Sowray & Son

2nd A Sowray & Son

3rd C&SB Whitelock

BB Heifer

1st Church Fm Enterprises

2nd A Sowray & Son

3rd JP&KE Hartley


Lim Bull

1st M&R Smith

2nd C&SB Whitelock


Lim Heifer

1st M&R Smith


Native Bull

1st JP&KE Hartley

2nd JP&KE Hartley

3rd JR Wellock


Native Heifer

1st JP&KE Hartley

2nd A Sowray & Son

3rd JR Wellock


B&W Bull

1st ID&JC Briggs

2nd JR Wellock