CCM Lingfields Christmas Primestock Shows – Sunday 27th November. FULL REPORT TOMORROW..... The 9th Annual Craven Lingfield Christmas Primestock Show was held on Sunday 27th November. A great show of stock forward for this year’s show and a trade to match. In the Cattle section David Bamforth of Wainstalls was given the championship rosette by judges Miranda Brown and son Richard for his homebred Limousin Bullock weighing 670kg making £4.45pkg adding up to £2981.50. The judges were the successful purchasers.

In the Live Lamb section, the Lowland lambs took the overall championship, Judge Martin Brown picked a tremendous trio of Beltex crosses from The Fox Brothers of Clitheroe as his champions, weighing 44kg they sold for £340 each to Tim Hamlet for his retail butchers shop in Garstang. The champions from the Hill section chosen by judge David Palmer were a trio of 52kg Scotch Blackfaced lambs from Ken Flintoff of Egton Bridge making £115 each to Swaledale Foods

Live Pigs were a trio weighing 73kg from JG Bamforth, Slaithwaite and they sold to Keelham Farmshop for £170 each or 231p/kg.

The champion carcase was exhibited by Thomas Heseltine of Bolton Abbey. A Texel x Beltex weighing 42kg live, 22.5kg dwt selling for £245 to George Cropper for his retail butchers shop based at Accrington Market.



60 Prime Cattle

201 Butchers Lambs

32 Lamb Carcasses

12 Prime Pigs



Pigs -  Judge Mr James Farrington


Class 1 Prime Pig 85kg or less

1st JG Bamforth 73kg £170

2nd JG Bamforth 49kg £109

3rd L Findlay 25kg £45


Champion & Reserve : JG Bamforth & Son 73kg £170


Cattle – Judge Miranda & Richard Brown

60 show cattle.


 Full prices on Monday 28th report



Class 2 NativeBred Steer/Heifer

1st WM Timm

2nd G&MA Lawn Lot 33

3rd  G&MA Lawn Lot 34

Class 3 Blue Heifer Under 525kg

1st I Swales Lot 23

2nd R Critchley Lot 36


Class 4 Blue Heifer Over 526kg

1st JS Stephenson Lot 14

2nd S&P Scrivin Lot 35

3rd W Timms Lot 25

Class 5 AOB Heifer

1st Sheard & Jowett Lot 18

2nd Mellin & Cropper Lot 6

3rd JS Stephenson Lot 13

Class 6 Blue Steer Under 525kg

1st Mellin & Cropper Lot 9

Class 7 Blue Steer Over 526kg

1st JS Stephenson Lot 15

2nd Mellin & Cropper Lot 8

3rd Mellin & Cropper Lot 5

Class 8 AOB Steer

1st L Bamforth & Son Lot 3

2nd Mellin & Cropper Lot 7

3rd W Timms Lot 16

Class 9 Young Handlers

1st F Jowett Lot 28

2nd C Cropper Lot 4

3rd W Timms Lot 17


Special Prize for Best Beast Purchased from CCM Skipton:

F Jowett

Special Prize Awarded for Best Homebred Beast:

L Bamforth

Special Prize for Best Beast from a regular CCM Vendor:

S&P Scrivin


Male Champion:  L Bamforth & Son Lot 3                             

Male Reserve: JS Stephenson Lot 15    

Female Champion: JS Stephenson Lot 14             

Female Reserve:  Sheard & Jowett Lot 18




Overall:                L Bamforth & Son Lot 3 670kg £4.45pkg £2981.50             

Reserve: JS Stephenson Lot 14                 




Un-haltered Cattle – Judge: Miranda & Richard Brown


Class 10 Un-haltered Brit Blue Steer

1st BR&L Lund Lot 123

2nd S&P Scrivin Lot 115

3rd S&P Scrivin Lot 116

Class 11 Un-haltered AOB Steer

1st W Timms Lot 108

2nd JA Drake Lot121

3rd S Bennett Lot 110

Class 12

1st J Baines Lot 102

2nd JR Metcalfe Lot 103

3rd JR Metcalfe Lot 104

Class 13 Un-haltered AOB Heifer

1st W Timm Lot 107

2nd JM Townend Lot 101

3rd JA Drake Lot 117

Class 14 Un-haltered Bull

1st S Bennett Lot 111


Champion - W Timm Lot 107      

Reserve - JM Townend Lot 101 



Lambs - Judges Mr Martin Brown (Lowland Lambs) & Mr David Palmer (Hill Lambs)


In the live lamb competition


Class 1 Mule any weight

1st ASE Crisp & Son 58kg £95 Swaledale Foods

2nd ASE Crisp & Son 51kg £84 D Palmer

3rd JK Wilson 51kg £85 D Palmer

Class 2 Masham any weight

1st M&B Allen 57kg £110 D Palmer

2nd JM Wilson & Son 50kg £88 Millstones Restaurant

3rd GF Harker & Son 44kg £72 St Merryn Foods

Class 3 Swaledale any weight

1st JR Smith 42kg £85 Swaledale Foods

2nd ASE Crisp & Son 44kf £70 D Palmer

3rd JR Smith 44kg £78 St Merryn Foods

Class 4 Dalesbred any weight

1st JK Wilson 41 £74 St Merryn Foods 

2nd JK Wilson 44kg £85 Millstones Restaurant

3rd RH&EA Close 43kg £75 St Merryn Foods

Class 5 – Other Hill Breed

1st KR&J Flintoff 52kg £115 Swaledale Foods

2nd CD&RF Kitching 46kg £82kg St Merryn Foods

3rd CD&RF Kitching46kg £80 St Merryn Foods


Hill Bred Champion: KR&J Flintoff (Other Hill)

Hill Bred Reserve: M&B Allen (Masham)


Class 6 Suffolk x any weight

1st D&A Livestock 53 £125 Kitsons Ltd

2nd AL Thompson 51kg £104 Keelham Farm Shop

3rd G&MA Lawn 48kg £102 Keelham Farm Shop

Class 7 Continental x Untrimmed 39kg or less

1st Ellis Bros 38kg £140 SA Swales

2nd RJ Lambert 36kg £120 SA Swales

3rd G Haworth 37kg £80 T Shepherdson

Class 8 Continental x Untrimmed 40kg or more

1st Fox Farms 46kg £150 SA Swales

2nd M&B Allen  46kg £130 T Shepherdson

3rd RJ Lambert 43kg £130 Vivers Scot Lamb

Class 9 Continental x Trimmed 39kg or less

1st RH&MR Ireland 39kg £150 Sandersons Butchers

2nd RJ Lambert 38kg £140 SA Swales

3rd S&L Robinson 38kg £140 SA Swales

Class 10 Continental x Trimmed 40kg or more

1st Fox Farms 44kg £340 Hamlets Butchers

2nd Taylor Bros 44kg £130 SA Swales

3rd RH&MR Ireland 45kg £120 Keelham Farm Shop


Lowland Champion:  Fox Farms 44kg £340 Hamlets Butchers

Lowland Reserve:  Fox Farms 46kg £150 SA Swales


Overall Supreme Champion: Fox Farms 44kg £340 Hamlets Butchers

Supreme Reserve:  Fox Farms 46kg £150 SA Swales


Beltex Sired Lambs – Fox Farms

Texel Sired Lambs –




Carcass                 Judge – Mr M Winchester


Class 1 Und 35kg Cont                                                                                   

1st J Midgley                                                                                                       

2nd H Brown

3rd AL Thompson

Class 2 35-40kg Cont                                                                                      

1st H Brown

2nd JGE Heseltine

3rd T&C Robinson                              

Class 3 41-44kg Cont                                                                                      

1st JGE Heseltine

2nd I Bell

3rd JE&ME Grange

Class 3c 41-44kg Hill  (Masham)                                                                               

1st JW Stockdale

2nd GF Harker

3rd JK Wilson

Class 4 41-44kg Swaledale                                                                          

1st I Bell

2nd JW Stockdale

Class 5 41-44kg Dalesbred                           

1st JK Wilson

2nd JM Wilson


Overall Average £119.25


Champion – JGE Heseltine 42kg 22.5kg E3L £

Reserve – H Brown


Beltex Sired – AM&HV Brown

Texel Sired – RH&MR Ireland

Dalesbred – JK Wilson



Pork Pies


1st Hamlets

2nd Dysons

3rd J Whiteside


1st Haigh Farm Shop

2nd Gregorys


1st Gregorys


Best Yorkshire Pie: Haigh Farm Shop

Best Lancashire Pie:  Hamlets


Overall Champion: Haigh Farm Shop

Reserve Champion:  Hamlets


Thankyou to Pie exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands.



Produce                               Judge: Double Trouble

Bale of Old Meadow Hay

1st D&C Charnley

2nd D Asquith

3rd S Asquith

Bale of Seed Hay

1st DJ Coates

Bale of Haylage

1st DJ Coates

2nd H Coates

3rd DJ Coates



Champion Bale – DJ Coates

Reserve – DJ Coates



Christmas Fruit Cake                      Judge:   Hazel Gamble & Jimmy Fitton

1st Philip Dolphin

2nd Margaret Booth

3rd Dorothy Dean

Victoria Sandwich Cake

1st Cathy Cromarty

2nd Philip Dolphin

3rd Lucy Huck

Jar of Chutney

1st Jill Perrings

2nd Margaret Booth

3rd Susan Wallbank

Sloe Gin

1st Eileen Addyman

2nd Patsy Hodgson

3rd Margaret Lawn

Sausage Rolls                                    Judge: AS Pie Judges

1st Robinsons Farm Shop

2nd Haighs Farm Shop

Pair of Scotch Eggs                          Judge: As Pie Judges

1st J Whiteside


Thankyou to Produce exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Brooklands School.