The 12th Annual Craven Lingfield Christmas Primestock Show was held on Sunday 1st December. FORWARD – 48 Prime Cattle 218 Butchers Lambs 39 Lamb Carcasses 41 Prime Pigs

Cattle: Judge – Andrew Atkinson & Philip Gregory

48 show cattle.



A superb entry of cattle saw John Stephenson of Bordley come out on top with a 535kg homebred British Blue heifer, winner of the young handler class, which the judges agreed handled exceptionally well and which was backed up by co judge Phil Gregory stepping up and securing the champion at 550p/kg or £2943 for his Bacup shop trading as DA Gregory & Sons.

Reserve came from S&N Jowett of Queensbury, the 600kg reserve in the young handler class, a limousin heifer which sold to the days other co judge Andrew Atkinson for 300p/kg or £1800.


In the unhaltered section Mesrs S&P Scrivin of Elslack secured the championship with a homebred 510kg British Blue heifer which sold to Robertshaws Farm Shop, Skipton for 282p/kg or £1438. Reserve was a 555kg Limousin cross heifer consigned by Mesrs CD&RF Kitching of Threshfield which sold to Keelham Farm Shop for 272p/kg or £1510.




Class 1 Native Bred Steer/Heifer

1st G&MA Lawn Lot 43 520kg 250p GJ Cropper

2nd G&MA Lawn Lot 42 580kg 225p Keelham Farm Shop

Class 3 Lim Heifer Less than 550kg

1st Mellin & Cropper Lot 30 455kg 300p Hutchinsons Butchers

2nd S&N Jowett Lot 6 550kg 262p Countrystylemeats

Class 4 AOC Heifer Less than 550kg

1st T&C Critchley Lot 15540kg 325p Countrystylemeats

2nd J Stephenson Lot 23 550kg 275p Countrystylemeats

3rd A&E Critchley Lot 14 510kg 310p D&A Gregory & Sons

Class 6 AOC Heifer 551-610kg

1st S&N Jowett Lot 10 595kg 259p Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd Mellin & Cropper Lot 29 unsold

3rd S&P Scrivin Lot 1 580kg 248p Keelham Farm Shop Ltd

Class 7 Lim Steer Less than 550kg

1st R Foster Lot 17 520kg 254p Keelham Farm Shop Ltd

2nd J Nutter Lot 27 545kg 253p Robertshaws

3rd P Bartholmew Lot 48 unsold

Class 8 AOC Steer under 550kg

1st Mellin & Cropper Lot 28 535kg 330p SA Swales

2nd A&E Critchley Lot 35 540kg 272p Countrystylemeats

3rd A&E Critchley Lot 13 540kg 262p Robertshaw

Class 10 – AOC Steer 551-610kg

1st JS Stephenson Lot 12 575kg 261p Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd S&P Scrivin Lot 2 610kg 238p Keelham Farm Shop Ltd

Class 11 Young Handlers (10-26years)

1st J Stephenson Lot 20 535kg 550p D&A Gregory & Sons

2nd F Jowett Lot 5 600kg 300p Atkinson Livestock Ltd

3rd H Gerrard Lot 3 535kg 258p Keelham Farm Shop Ltd

Class 16 – Overweight Steer

1st JS Stephenson Lot 19 620kg 240p Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd K Jowett Lot 11 650kg 238p Atkinson Livestock Ltd

3rd SD Bennett Lot 25 620kg 235p Robertshaw

Class 17 – Overweight Heifer

1st JS Stephenson Lot 21 650kg 290p Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd P Bartholomew Lot 47 620kg 238p Robertshaw



Special Prizes Highest p/kg

Special Prize for Best Beast Purchased from CCM Skipton:          

Special Prize Awarded for Best Homebred Beast:                            


Male Champion:              Mellin & Cropper Lot 28               

Male Reserve:                   JS Stephenson Lot 12

Female Champion:          JS Stephenson Lot 20

Female Reserve:              F Jowett Lot 5




Overall:                                JS Stephenson Lot 20

Reserve:              F Jowett Lot 5


Alf Lister Trophy – Champion Beast: JS Stephenson

Dick Binns Trophy – Cont x Butchers Heifer Under 550kg: T&C Critchley Lot 15


Un-haltered Cattle – Judge: Andrew Atkinson & Philip Gregory


Class 12 Un-haltered Lim x Steer

1st JS Stephenson Lot 7 590kg 245p D&A Gregory & Sons

2nd A&E Critchley Lot 34 615kg 244p Hargreaves Farms

3rd F&B Smith Lot 37 575kg 238p Robertshaw

Class 13 Un-haltered AOB Steer

1st W Stamper Lot 44 590kg 225p Barkers Yorkshire Butchers

Class 14 Un-haltered Lim x Heifer

1st CD&RF Kitching Lot 39 555kg 272p Keelham Farm Shop Ltd

2nd CD&RF Kitching Lot 38 555kg 264p Barkers Yorkshire Butchers

3rd A&E Critchley Lot 33 535kg 250p K&J Green Butchers

Class 15 Un-haltered AOB Heifer

1st S&P Scrivin Lot 4 510kg 282p Robertshaw

2nd CD&RF Kitching Lot 41 565kg 240p Barkers Yorkshire Butchers

3rd R Foster Lot 32 530kg 258p Countrystylemeats

Class 17 Un-haltered Native

1st R Foster Lot 31 610kg 235p Atkinson Livestock Ltd


Champion -         S&P Scrivin Lot 4

Reserve -             CD&RF Kitching Lot 39



465-560kg                                            to 330p/kg                          av. 270.12p/kg
560kg+                                                  to 261p/kg                          av. 217.34p/kg

400-480kg                                            to 300p/kg
480kg+                                                  to 550p/kg                          av. 268.47p/kg

Top Prices £ per head and p/kg

£ per head: JA Mellin (BBx) 1766, S&NV Jowett (Limx) 1547, JS Stephenson (BBx) 1501, RT&J Critchley&Sons (Limx) 1501
p/kg: JA Mellin (BBx) 330, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 272,262, J.Stephenson (BBx) 261, Rosie Foster (Limx) 254, A&J Nutter&Sons (Limx) 253

£ per head: JS Stephenson (BBx) 2943, JS Stephenson (Charx)    1885, S&NV Jowett (Limx) 1800, C Critchley (BBx) 1755, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 1581
p/kg: J.Stephenson (BBx) 550, C.Critchley (BBx) 325, RT&J Critchley&Sons (BBx) 310, S&NV Jowett (Limx) 300, JA Mellin (Limx) 300


Lambs - Judges Mr George Cropper Jnr (Lowland Lambs) & Mr Joe Bosworth (Hill Lambs)

(Interim report)

The Lancaster Family, Ian Mary & Richard, of Cold Cotes Farm, Wiswell, Clitheroe took the supreme Championship with 3 Beltex cross lambs weighing 39kg selling for £480 per head to the judge George Cropper Jnr for retail sale through his Sanderson Butchers shop in Baxenden, Lancashire. Reserve Supreme Champions came from Anthony Thompson of Foulridge with the first prize heavy trimmed trio which weighed 43kg selling to George and Clare Cropper for their Family Butchers and Deli Shop in Accrington, Lancashire. Clare had earlier claimed the champion lamb carcass also from Messrs Lancaster. The Champion untrimmed lambs were from Mike Allen of Staithes who presented 3 lambs at 45kg making £140 to Hartshead Meat Co in Mossley.

New for this year was a Young Handlers Class which was well supported and won by Thomas Thompson of Foulridge it went on to sell for £320 and was bought by Hutchinsons Butchers of Ripley.

The hill bred lambs were a great show with Scotch Black faced from Sid Moore, Leyburn taking the hill championship, 48kg selling for £115 to the Judge Mr Joe Bosworth. Bob Stubbs from Crowton, Cheshire had reseve champions weighing 40kg making £84 to Morgan Helliwell in Rochdale.

Class 1 Mule under 49.9kg

1st JK Wilson Lot 7 49kg £86 J Bosworth

2nd M&B Allen Lot 2 48kg £87 Swaledale Foods

3rd RW Tarbatt Lot 4 47kg £88 M Etherington

Class 2 Masham under 49.9kg

1st JM Wilson & Son Lot 21 47kg £88 Hutchinsons Butchers

2nd KA Liddle Lot 24 44kg £80 RM Helliwell

3rd M&B Allen Lot 23 46kg £85 Swaledale Foods

Class 3 Swaledale under 49.9kg

1st JR Smith Lot 32 45kg £82 J Bosworth

2nd JR Smith Lot 31 46kg £79 J Bosworth

3rd G&MA Lawn Lot 33 43kg £76 J Bosworth

Class 4 Dalesbred under 49.9kg

1st JM Wilson & Son Lot 41 47kg £85 Swaledale Foods

2nd RH&EA Close Lot 42 44kg £78 RM Helliwell

3rd JA Stoney Lot 44 47kg £85 Swaledale Foods

Class 5 – Other Horned/Hill/Native Breed under 49.9kg

1st S Moore Lot 57 48kg £115 J Bosworth

2nd AE Stubbs Lot 56 40kg £84 RM Helliwell

3rd S Moore Lot 58 46kg £90 RM Helliwell


Hill Bred Champion:  S Moore

Hill Bred Reserve: AE Stubbs


Class 6 Suffolk x any weight

1st AL Thompson Lot 61 48kg £110 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd J Shorrock Lot 62 44kg £80 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

3rd RG Church Lot 66 47kg £85 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

Class 7 Continental x Untrimmed 39kg or less

1st AL Thompson Lot 71 39kg £125 C Cropper

2nd WA&VJ Towler Lot 70 39kg £128 Vivers Scotlamb Ltd

3rd EP&J Hutchinson Lot 69 38kg £90 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

Class 8 Continental x Untrimmed 40kg or more

1st M&B Allen Lot 88 45kg £140 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd AL Thompson Lot 92 42kg £128 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

3rd Ellis Bros Lot 90 45kg £132 Vivers Scotlamb Ltd

Class 9 Continental x Trimmed 39kg or less

1st I&M Lancaster Lot 105 39kg £480 GJ Cropper

2nd Ellis Bros Lot 108 39kg £132 Vivers Scotlamb Ltd

3rd AL Thompson Lot 109 39kg £128 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

Class 10 Continental x Trimmed 40kg or more

1st AL Thompson Lot 121 43kg £190 C Cropper

2nd J Midgley Lot 115 44kg £138 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

3rd I&M Lancaster Lot 117 49kg £140 Countrystylemeats


Untrimmed Champion: M&B Allen

Untrimmed reserve: AL Thompson


Trimmed Champion:  I&M Lancaster

Trimmed Reserve:  AL Thompson


Lowland Champion:  I&M Lancaster

Lowland Reserve:  AL Thompson


Class 11- Young Handlers (16 & Under)

1st Thomas Thompson selling for £320 to Hutchinson Butchers @ Ripley

2nd Izzy Thompson selling for £150 to G&C Cropper Family Butchers

3rd Kiernan Robinson selling for £128 to Hartshead Meats


Overall Supreme Champion:  I&M Lancaster

Supreme Reserve:  AL Thompson


Principle Prices -

Prime Lambs – Overall Average £105 per head or 240.8p/kg       

Suffolk average £91.67 per head or 197.8p/kg
£ per head: £110 AL Thompson; £85 RG Church; £80 J Shorrock
p/kg: 229.2p AL Thompson; 181.8p J Shorrock; 189.9 RG Church;

Beltex average £144.12 per head or 335.6p/kg
£ per head: £480 £140 I&M Lancaster; £320 £190 £150 AL Thompson; £140 WA VJ JA Towler; £140 M&B Allen; £138 J Midgley; £138 JGE Heseltine; £132 RH&MR Ireland;
p/kg: 1230.8p I&M Lancaster; 744.2p 441.9p 328.2p AL Thompson; 338.9p 333.3p RH&MR Ireland; 338.5p Ellis Bros; 328.2p WA&VJ&JA Towler; 313.6p J Midley; 311.1p M&B Allen;

Mule average £84.10 per head or 180.5p/kg
£ per head: £88 RW Tarbatt; £87 S Moore; £87 M&B Allen; £86x2 JK Wilson; £85 JC&N Throup;
p/kg: 190.5p RH&EA Close; 187.2p 186p RW Tarbatt; 182.2p RG Church; 181.3p M&B Allen;

Masham average £81.00 per head or 181.6p/kg
£ per head: £88 £82 JM Wilson; £85 M&B Allen; £80 K Liddle & Partners;
p/kg: 187.2p JM Wilson; 184.8p M&B Allen; 184.2 181.8p K Liddle & Partners;

Swaledale average £75.75 per head or 176.1 p/kg
£ per head: £82 £79 JR Smith; £76 G&MA Lawn; £66 RG Church Ltd;
p/kg: 182.2p 171.7p JR Smith; 176.7p G&MA Lawn; 173.7p RG Church;

Dalesbred average £75.29 per head or 177.4p/kg
£ per head: £85 JM Wilson & Sons; £85 £78 JA Stoney & Son; £78 RH&EA Close;
p/kg: 180.9p JM Wilson & Sons; 180.9p JA Stoney & Son; 177.5p 177.3p RH&EA Close;

Cheviot average £76 per head or 177.5p/kg
£ per head: £84 G Bretherton; £75 AE Stubbs & Son
p/kg: 182.9p AE Stubbs & Son; 180.5p GT Carr;

SBF average £88.17 per head or 198.2p/kg
£ per head: £115 £90 S Moore; £90 EP&JM Hutchinson; £84 AE Stubbs & Son;
p/kg: 239.6p 195.7p S Moore; 210.0p AE Stubbs & Son; 185.7p J Shorrock;


Carcass: Judge – Miss Clare Cropper

A Cracking show of carcass lambs with many buyers present. Top price went to I&M Lancaster selling to the judge Claire Cropper for £310. Buyers consisted of Local/ regional butchers aswell as local supporters of the market buying the odd one for the festive season. The sale consisted of mainly Beltex lambs with the Native class fairly well represented but more Horned Lambs could have been sold with buyers interested in these sorts just as much.

Class 1 Und 35kg Cont                                                                                  

1st I&M Lancaster 21.5kg £310 C Cropper

2nd AL Thompson 19.3kg £112 Featherstone Butchers

3rd T&C Robinson 19.7kg £108 Featherstone Butchers

Class 2 35-40kg Cont                                                                                     

1st JGE Heseltine 20.1kg £180 GJ Cropper

2nd N&C Brown 24.9kg £140 Robertshaws

3rd I Bell 21.3kg £130 SA Swales

Class 3 41-44kg Cont                                                                                     

1st JGE Heseltine 21.9kg £132 Atkinson Livestock Ltd

2nd T&C Robinson 23.3kg £110 Featherstone Butchers

3rd RG Findlay 23.7kg £115 LM Marsden

Class 4 41-48kg Swaledale                                                          

1st JW Stockdale 17.5kg £70 Parkin Family Butchers

Class 5 41-48kg Dalesbred                          

1st JM Wilson 25.4kg £84 Swaledale Foods

Class 6 41-48kg Native – Down x Mule Masham Chev etc                             

1st I Bell 27.2kg £115 JP Harrison

2nd N&C Brown 23.3kg £94 Swaledale Foods

3rd JM Wilson & Son 23.1kg £94 Hutchinsons Butchers


Overall Average £113.27


Champion – I&M Lancaster

Reserve – JGE Heseltine


Beltex Sired – I&M Lancaster

Texel Sired – JS Stephenson

Masham  – JM Wilson



Pigs:  Judge – Mick Etherington

A great show of pigs today with top price of 170ppk for a trio of 89 kilo gilts from RG Findley totalling to £151.30. Comments was made all round about the show of pigs being the best seen in years. Many active buyers ringside and all vendors leaving more than satisfied with their trade.


Class 1 Prime Pig Cutters 88kg – 97kg

1st RG Findley Lot 206 89kg 170ppk Hutchinsons Butchers

2nd Thackray Lot 201 95kg 155ppk Hutchinsons Butchers

3rd RG Findlay Lot 205 89kg 140ppk JW&M Buckle

Class 2 Prime Pig Baconers 98kg – 115kg

1st RG Findlay Lot 209 119kg 135ppk SA Swales

2nd J Midgley Lot 200 119kg 130ppk Hutchinsons Butchers

3rd RG Findlay Lot 207 135kg 132ppk SA Swales


Champion: RG Findlay

Reserve : Thackray




Indoor Section

The popularity of the industrial and cookery section is growing year on year with cakes, pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, sloe gin, apple pies, chutneys and childrens classes. Everything entered was then donated by the exhibtors to be sold in aid of Manorlands Hospice, Brooklands School and The Addington Fund.


Cold Eating Pie                                 Judge: Liz Gudgeon & Angela Grisedale

1st Robinsons Farm Shop

Sausage Rolls                                   

1st Jackie Dalby

2nd Hannah Eaton

3rd Millie Eaton

Pair of Scotch Eggs                         

1st Millie Eaton

2nd Sue Heseltine

Christmas Fruit Cake                      Judge:   Dorothy Dean & Wendy Hall

1st Jill Perrings

2nd Cathy Cromarty

3rd Eileen Addyman

Victoria Sandwich Cake

1st Jeremy Daggett

2nd Hazel Gamble

3rd Hannah Fearnley

Jar of Chutney                                  Judge:   Liz Gudgeon & Angela Grisedale

1st Susan Wallbank

2nd Cathy Cromarty

3rd Lucy Huck

Jar of Jam                                           

1st Sue Heseltine

2nd AE Stubbs

3rd Jill Perrings

Sloe Gin

1st Sally Fort

2nd Angus Dean

3rd Margaret Watkinson

Caramel Shortbread

1st Cathy Cromarty

2nd Cathy Cromarty

3rd Jackie Dalby

Mince Pies

1st Hazel Gamble

2nd Jackie Dalby

3rd Jill Perrings

Local Show Photo                            Judge:   Liz Gudgeon, Angela Grisedale, Dorothy Dean & Wendy Hall

1st D Dobson

Festive Flower Arrangement

1st J North

2nd D Wilson

3rd D Wilson

Hand Knitted Flower

1st Jackie Dalby

2nd Christine Downing

3rd Susan Wallbank

Children’s Decorated Mini Rolls Judge:   Angela Grisedale

1st Katelyne Squires

2nd Rosie Garth

3rd John North

Children’s Decorated Christmas Card

1st Sam Eastwood

2nd Rosie Garth

3rd Rosie Garth

Children’s Decorated Bought Pizza Base                               

1st Mackenzie Squires

2nd Cadie Squires

Children’s Decorated Letter

1st Isobel North

2nd Rosie Garth

3rd Rosie Garth

Stollen Cake

1st P Dolphin

2nd Cathy Cromarty

3rd Hannah Eaton



Produce                               Judge: Ian Lambert

Bale of Old Meadow Hay

1st RH&EA Close

2nd A Kiernan

3rd R Townsend

Bale of Haylage

1st T Kiernan

2nd D&H Coates

3rd Whitakers Animal Feeds


Champion Bale – T Kiernan

Reserve – RH&EA CLose




Thank you to Produce exhibitors and supporters of the Charity Auction with proceeds to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Addington Fund – Lucy Huck, A Stubbs, Cathy Cromarty, Pauline Turner, Christine Stoney, Mary Carr, Jeremy Daggett, Mark Thompson, Ann Atkinson. Jill Perrings, Margaret Lawn, Eileen Addyman, Denise Dobson, Philip Dolphin, Hazel Gamble, Sue Heseltine, Clifford Lawson, Hannah Fearnley, Jackie Dalby, Christine Ryder, Margaret Watkinson, isobel North, John North, Susan Wallbank, Daphine Wilson, Maisie Towler, Violet Towler, Hannah Eaton, Millie Eaton, James Foster, Christine Downing, Sam Eastwood, Rosie Garth , Isaac Chapman, Katelyne Squires, Thomas Eastwood, Mackenzie Squires, Cadie Squires, Angus Dean, Sally Fort, Robinsons Farm Shop,


Thank you to all the companies who donated items for the Charity Auction (Wynnstay, WBW, Keith Coverall, Robertshaws Farm Shop, Carrs Billington, CCM, Landrover Experience, Farmers Guardian, Countrystyle Meats, ASE UK, A&KM Barners, Barkers Yorkshire Butchers, High Laithe, Mary Gray, Mr & Mrs R Hanson) £940 was raised with proceeds going to Sue Ryder, Manorlands & Addington Fund.


Thank you to all the companies who donated items for the Charity Auction in memory of ‘Amos’ (Swaledale Foods, Kelly Armitage, CCM, Andrew Wright, A&KM Barnes, Paige Ives, Goodalls Ice-cream Parlour) £860 was raised with proceeds going to The UK Sepsis Trust & Cancer Research UK