Craven Limousin Day - Head – 78 forward with a 91% Clearance rate. Judge – Mr Ian Wildgoose, Derbyshire Prices topped at 6000gns at the Craven Limousin Day when Garrowby Hurricane returned to an old hunting ground after his 2013 win at the Craven Limousin Extravaganza. Purchased at the 2013 sale by Michael and Stephen Priestleys’ Brontemoor herd, Hurricane has four crops of calves on the ground at the Priestleys’, Kirkcambeck farm in Cumbria, producing multiple show winners.

Winning second prize in the senior bull section the 2012 Glenrock Ventura son having served his time at Brontemoor was keenly sought by Pedigree and Commercial suckled calf producers alike before finding a new home with RW Dalton of Barnard Castle.

A very strong intermediate bull section saw Copperhurst Lenny consigned by Lancashire Breeder, Andrew Howarth of Whitefield lead of at 4600gns for a 2015 Plumtree Fantastic son bred from a Twemlows Sax cow, Copperhurst Camilla which went to Messrs AM&DE Stones of Ebberston. The Copperhurst herd also rang the bell with Copperhurst Lionking who is sired by Copperhurst Ike, a bull with good growth and ease of calving throughout his pedigree which joined Adam Kunz of Ingmanthrope for 4500gns.

The team from Procters Farms Ltd of Slaidburn produced an excellent pen of bulls which included the Intermediate Bull Procters Lancastrian, a shapey mobile 2015 bull by Ampertaine Hotshot bred from the Haltcliffe Vermont cow, Procters Haleiha which to Kevin Huck and John Tennant of Borderley for 4500gns.

Strong competition and a total clearance of Junior Bulls saw Messrs JM&SM Cooper’s Tomschoice herd produce 1st Prize winner and Supreme Champion from the previous evenings Limousin Extravaganza in Tomschoice Matador. His sire Carwin Icarus was the 2016 pre sale champion whilst Matador himself carries EBV’s which puts him in the top 1% of the breed for gestation length and calving ease before he became first choice for WP Brewer & Sons’ Coredale herd at 4600gns. Procters Farms Ltd were on hard on the heels of Matador with their second prize junior bull Procters Master an Ampertaime Foreman son bred from a cow, Procters Heiress which was sired by Haltcliffe DJ. Master was snapped up by another Procter, this time Messrs E&MA Procter and Son of Great Musgrave for the production of high quality calves from their suckler herd.

Numbers forward in the junior bull section allowed for 2 classes to be staged with Brontemoor Master with an EBV Value of 32 and a grandson of Rossignol paving the way for Brontemoor when selling to Nidderdales Trevor and Joe Stoney for 4000gns.

The annual consignment from John  and Claire Mason’s Oddacres Herd met a very ready audience with a number of repeat customers returning again. Their highlight was Oddacres Monty an April 2016 Gallois son and brother to the 10,000gns Oddacres Lemmy which sold to Bolton Abbeys Roland Carr for 3600gns.

Female Champion was Hollingreave Mojo a granddaughter of Goldies Terence, bred from a homebred Oddacres Gaffer cow in Hollingreave Iona and consigned by Stuart Littlewood of New Mill which made 2300gns.

The top price female was Swalesmoor Lara from Kedzlie Farm Ltd, Blainslie, a strong may 2015 daughter of Bial and carrying a service in April and selling to Mark Crabtree of Kettlesing for 3100gns.     


Show Results –

Class 1 – Senior Bull born 21.09.10 to 23.03.12

1st – JM&SM Priestley Lot 2 sold for 6000gns

2nd – ER Howard Lot 1 sold for 2500gns

Class 2 – Intermediate Bull born 27.02.15 to 14.07.15

1st – JM&SM Priestley Lot 5 sold for 3700gns

2nd – AR Howarth Lot 8 sold for 4600gns

3rd – RS Harker Lot 6 sold for 2900gns

Class 3 – Intermediate Bull born 15.07.15 to 27.10.15

1st – I Handley Lot 18 sold for 3200gns

2nd – Kedzlie Farms Lot 17 unsold

3rd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 21 sold for 2800gns

Class 4 – Intermediate Bull born 28.10.15 to 23.12.15

1st – Procters Farm Lot 24 sold for 3400gns

2nd – RM&H Lewis Lot 25 sold for 2500gns

3rd RM&H Lewis Lot 23 unsold

Class 5 – Junior Bull born 04.01.16 to 04.03.16

1st – JM&SP Cooper Lot 37 sold for 4600gns

2nd – Procters Farm Lot 39 sold for 4500gns

3rd – W Orme Lot 34 sold for 2500gns

Class 6 – Junior Bull born 05.03.16 to 20.05.16      

1st – JM&SM Priestley Lot 48 sold for 4000gns

2nd – AJ Mason Lot 47 sold for 3600gns

3rd – AJ Mason Lot 55 sold for 2400gns


Senior Male Champion – JM&SM Priestley Lot 2 sold for 6000gns

Senior Male Reserve Champion – ER Howard Lot 1 sold for 2500gns


Intermediate Male Champion – I Handley Lot 18 sold for 3200gns

Intermediate Male Reserve Champion – JM&SM Priestley Lot 5 sold for 3700gns


Junior Male Champion – JM&SP Cooper Lot 37 sold for 4600gns

Junior Male Reserve Champion – Procters Farm Lot 39 sold for 4500gns


Male Champion – I Handley Lot 18 sold for 3200gns

Male Reserve – JM&SP Cooper Lot 37 sold for 4600gns


Class 7 – Cow or Heifer either incalf or with calf at foot  

1st – Kedzlie Farms Lot 96 sold for 3100gns

2nd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 73 sold for 2400gns

3rd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 63 sold for 2300gns

Class 8 – Maiden Heifer

1st – S Littlewood Lot 89 sold for 2300gns

2nd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 87 sold for 1650gns

3rd – JM&SP Cooper Lot 85 sold for 1200gns


Female Champion –  S Littlewood Lot 89 sold for 2300gns

Female Reserve – Kedzlie Farms Lot 96 sold for 3100gns


Overall Supreme Champion – I Handley Lot 18 sold for 3200gns

Overall Supreme Reserve – JM&SP Cooper Lot 37 sold for 4600gns


Averages –

2 Senior Bulls                                      to 6000gns av £4463

20 Intermediate Bulls                          to 4600gns av £3313

19 Junior Bulls                                     to 4600gns av £2863

20 Maiden Heifers                               to 2450gns av £1683

7 Cows Incalf/with calves @ foot       to 3100gns av £2713


Chief Prices:



Senior Bulls

JM&SM Priestley – Brontemoor


RS Howard – Whittaker Hall



Intermediate Bulls

JM&SM Priestley – Brontemoor

3700gns 3600gns

JM&SP Cooper - Tomschoice


AR Howarth –

4600gns 4500gns

Procters Farm – Procters

4500gns 3400gns

SSJC Lunn – Coalgate


RS Howard – Whittaker Hall

3400gns 3100gns

J Handley – Gunnerfleet


P Fletcher – Siddall


RS Harker – Overthwaite


RM&HJ Lewis – Redland



Junior Bulls

JM&SM Priestley – Brontemoor


JM&SP Cooper - Tomschoice


Procters Farm – Procters

4500gns 4000gns

AJ Mason – Oddacres






Cows with Calves

JM&SP Cooper – Tomschoice

2700gns 2500gns 2300gns

S Littlewood – Hollingreave



Cows Incalf

Kedzlie Farm - Swalesmoor


JM&SP Cooper – Tomschoice



Maiden Heifers

Heald & Co - Coachhouse

2450gns 2300gns

Procters Farm – Procters

2300gns 2000gns