Rearing Calves to £460 B&W av £69.80 Cont av £333.48 Native av £203.33 Decent show of calves this morning with 75 landing through the door in total. A cracking buzz meant for a healthy trade with best continental bulls and heifers selling well with Graham Hayton topping at £460 for a Lim x bull with 19 British Blue bulls averaging £349 and topping at £420 twice for entries from Colin Whitelock, Gargrave and another from Church Farm Enterprises, Burton Leonard. Good heifers got away to a ready trade with Colin Whitelock again topping proceedings at £420 for a cracking Limousin cross heifer with 16 blue heifers averaging £330 and peaking at £390 and £380 twice from Church Farm Enterprises.

Second rate heifers were harder to place along with native heifers, however native bulls were a touch dearer than late with AA bulls averaging £283 and topping at £360 for a 2mth old entry from Graham Hayton.  B&W’s a touch dearer on paper but not as dear for the goods on offer compared to last week however £69.8 looks a respectable trade for all type.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £432.5) to £460 Hayton & Stocks                        

Brit Blue x (Av £348.95) to £420 C&SB Whitelock                                                      

Aberdeen Angus (Av £283.33) to £360 Hayton & Stocks

Norwegian Red (Av £65) to £70 J Gooch

Hereford X (Av £240) to £240 JM Smith

Black & White (Av £69.8) to £140 RM Spence                             


Heifer Calves       

Simmental x (Av £232.5) to £310 D Calvert & Son                                                     

Ab Angus (Av £140) to £185 AJ Lee                                                               

British Blue (Av £330.69) to £390 Church Farm Enterprises

Lim (Av £325) to £420 C&SB Whitelock



Craven Dairy Auction (5 head)

 A quiet show of dairy but a cracking trade for the milkers that braved the torrential rain to get to the market. David and daughter Suzy Lawson were chosen to have the best in the pre sale kindly judged by Martyn Jennings of Cowling. The champion a home bred pedigree heifer from the Newbirks herd had been calved 14 days and giving 32 litres sold to regular Skipton supporter Brian Blezard. Second highest price came from a homebred heifer from GB Jennings of South Stainley, Harrogate which found some strong support and was eventually snapped up by Richard Sutcliffe of Queensbury.    


Judge – Martyn Jennings

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:         1st A Lawson & Son              2nd M&R Smith                      3rd DR Robinson                   

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st A Lawson & Son


                                Champion – A Lawson & Son                            Reserve – M&R Smith


Newly Calven Heifers (av £1750): to £1880 A Lawson & Sons


Newly Calven Cows: to £1420 A Lawson & Son