Craven Dairy Auction (14 head) A handy show of dairy cattle for this morning’s show & sale, pre sale judge Shaun Sowray went about his work quickly and efficiently picking a cracking heifer from the Lawson family of Arthington as his Champion and closely followed by a super grafeeti daughter bred by Brian and Judith Moorhouse of Hesper Farm, Bell Busk. These two heifers would be the envy of most farmers and quickly made their way to the top two prices of the day.


Newbirks Crest Jazz a cracking heifer bred by Lawson’s homebred bull Newbirks Crest and boasting 38litres of milk was vigorously bid for with the hammer eventually falling at £2500 to AL Dean & Son of Threshfield. Aireburn Grafeeti Dellia the Reserve Champion, by the renowned Ladys-Manor RD Grafeeti, who herself was giving 32kg again found the eye of Angus Dean this time selling for £2450. The Third prize heifer presented by Richard and Andrew Walker of East Morton, a lovely wearing heifer giving 35kg sold away nicely eventually selling for £1850 to Mark Goodall of Tong.


A run of Incalf heifers from two vendors were highlighted by the 1st Prize heifer from J Roberts, Huddersfield, due to AA at the end of July, a stylish black heifer sold for £1520 to Will Shuttleworth of Rylstone.


Judge – Shaun Sowray

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers: 1st A Lawson &Son; 2nd GB Moorhouse; 3rd RW&M Walker

                   Incalf Heifers: 1st JLP Roberts 2nd RN Verity; 3rd RN Verity                                           
Champion – A Lawson & Son                            Reserve – GB Moorhouse


Newly Calven Heifers (av £1675): to £1850 RW&M Walker


Pedigree Newly Calven Heifers (av £2042.5) to £2500 A Lawson & Son


Incalf Heifers (av £1355)

to £1520 JLP Roberts

Rearing Calves to £410 (42)

B&W av £56.15 Cont av £285 Native av £185

A quiet show of calves this Monday but a straight trade throughout the sale with best prices received for  Bull calves particularly Aberdeen Angus and British Blue with a 4 ½ week old Angus from Stephen Marshall of West End selling to £275 and a  shapely British Blue from RLWright & Son, Airton selling to £410.


Throughout it was a show of calves that just lacked the quality of previous weeks despite this a nice trade was received for the majority with a lot of young calves showing potential making good money.


Bull Calves

Brit Blue x (Av £340) to £410 RL Wright & Son                                                           

Aberdeen Angus (Av £222.5) to £275 JC&DJ Marshall

Black & White (Av £56.15) to £135 J Caygill & Partners                            


Heifer Calves       

Ab Angus (Av £127.5) to £160 RL Wright & Son                                                          

British Blue (Av £202.5) to £210 M&R Smith & DE&MA Booth