Rearing Calves to £460 (80 head) Another healthy number of calves through the door today with the top price calf belonging to Hayton and Stocks of Bolton Abbey. Fred Houseman saw a flying trade with blue heifers at £450 and £440 with Hayton & Stocks seeing their strong limousin heifers reach £415 and £400. Native bulls were a premium today with the calves on offer flying away with young calves nudging the £300 mark all the time. Black and whites touch easier on the week, again a mixed show of quality hampering the average but overall a straight trade for the better end topping at £105 for a nice calf from Robert Throup of Bradley.


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £367) to £460 Hayton & Stocks                           

Brit Blue x (Av £350) to £420 RL Wright & Son                                                            

Aberdeen Angus (Av £250) to £295 D&J Herd

Flekvieh (Av £280) to £280 x2 C Watson

Shorthorn (Av £120) to £150 Flasby Estates

Black & White (Av £51.67) to £105 RM&LJ Throup     

Cont av £355.66 Native av £167.27


Heifer Calves                       

Ab Angus (Av £182.5) to £200 JM Smith & Son                                                           

British Blue (Av £336.67) to £450 Church Farm Enteprises

Lim (Av £337.14) to £415 Hayton & Stocks

Shorthorn (av £140) to £140 Flasby Estates

Cont av £336.6 Native av £168.66                                                 



Craven Dairy Auction (8 head)

 A quite shippon today but a much stronger trade than last time out Mark Smith of Winterburn took the championship with a sweet hombred heifer which went on to make £1780 however it was a heifer from David Fort of Glusburn which hit the top today with £2000 for 29kg heifer.


A straight Incalf heifer from John Ireland, Thorpe Bassett was the only follower in today and sold for £1150 to Roger Naylor of Langbar.


Judge – Frank Wrathall

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:         1st M&R Smith       2nd MD Parkinson                3rd ASE Crisp & Son

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st ASE Crisp & Son


                                Champion – M&R Smith                     Reserve – MD Parkinson


Newly Calven Heifers: av £1613 to £2000 DA&S Fort


Newly Calven Cows: to £1450 ASE Crisp & Son 


Incalf Heifers: to £1150 WR Ireland & Son;