Craven Dairy Auction (24 head) Just as the gate opened for the first milker to enter the ring Arla’s text message announcement of a 1ppl price reduction started beeping around the ringside. Despite the impeccable timing of the “good news” trade was brisk with all heifers selling away well with arguably the lower end of the milkers seeing the highest price jump. Brian Moorhouse of the Aireburn herd took the top honours in the milkers for his newly calven pedigree heifer consignment with the highly sought after Samantha Sugden choosing her above D&A Forts Homebred newly calven heifer with Sally Wellock of Oakworth taking a well deserved 3rd prize.

D&A Fort topped the days trade with his hard fought over heifer calved 20 days and giving 26litres, it went onto reach £1480 to Wick Williams. Brian Moorhouse’s Pedigree heifer giving 30kg was not far behind at £1400. Other noted prices was £1380 Jennings Farmers and £1350 J Wellock & Son. 


The youngstock were very well sold with Jackie Bradley of Hartwith selling five cracking hand reared heifers to average £628 and Alan and Susan Throup of Higher House sold some Dalesbrad surplus progeny with their bulling heifers reaching a healthy trade of £770 average and topping at £800 for the four on offer.   




Judge – Samantha Sugden

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:         1st GB Moorhouse 2nd D&A Fort 3rd J Wellock

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st J Wellock 2nd IRG Collins

                                In-Calf Heifers:                     1st I Olivers & Partners 2nd I Olivers & Partners 3rd SR Petty

                                Champion – GB Moorhouse              Reserve – D&A Fort


Newly Calven Heifers (11):  av £1282.50 to £1480 DA Fort


Newly Calven Cows (2): av £1305 to £1330 J Wellock 


Incalf Heifers (2): av £1115 to £1180 I Olivers & Partners


Bulling Heifers (4) av £770 to £800 A&SL Throup


Maiden Heifers 8mths (5) av £628 to £660 J Bradley

Rearing Calves to £430 x2 (57)

B&W av £80.83 Cont av £338.66 Native av £197.14

Calves today met a strong trade yet again with the vast majority of calves receiving a higher price than previous weeks continental bulls and heifers met a fearsome trade with no less than 16 separate accounts around the calf ring today.  A joint top price was achieved today with Richard Spence of Sutton in Craven and Geoff and Margaret Booth of Dowshaw farm Lothersdale both reaching £430 with John Marshall of Dacre seeing his consignment achieve £400 of which all three were British Blue Bulls.


Limousin bull calves from RD Metcalfe Brearton and the Pickergills brothers of Guiseley saw their calves average £335 for their combined contribution with Pickergill’s leading the way at £395.  Natives were topped by a strong bull from John Marshall, Dacre at £280 for a strong bull.


In the Heifers  again the Brown’s of Ramsgill took the highest price with another of their impressive Lincoln Red heifers which achieved £380, with continentals reaching just on the top side of £300 with the Marshalls, Dacre again achieving the highest price with £335. 


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £334) to £390 G Pickersgill & Sons                      

Brit Blue x (Av £352.22) to £430 RM Spence and £430  GT Booth                                                                                           

Ab Angus (Av £196.88) to £280 JC Marshall

Brown Swiss to £78 S Nuttall                           

Black & White (Av £80.83) to £145 DL DM J Heron                    


Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x to £305 R Jowett- Holiday                            

Brit Blue x (Av £310) to £335 JC Marshall                     

Ab Angus (Av £161) to £195 DL DM J Heron                                                

Lincoln Red to £380 D&P Brown