Forward for Monday's sale were 65 Farmers Rearing Calves, and also 11 Dairy for the Twice Monthly Craven Dairy Auction.

Rearing Calves to £350 (65)

Calves dearer as the sale went on as some buyers found it hard to get in on time with slow traffic, but they were met with a cracking show on offer with mainly local farmers looking to buy a few for the sheds. Blue sold well, with best bulls keenly sought, and heifers £240/£260 regualr away. Lim Bulls regularly either side of £300 and heifers £250/£280, angus heofers £140/£180 and Bulls slightly dearer.

Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £310) to £340                           G Pickersgill                          

Brit Blue x (Av £259) to £350                           RM Spence                                                           

Aberdeen Angus (Av £160) to £170 RE Ayrton

Flekvieh (Av £136) to £150                               C Watson

Black & White (Av £38) to £95                         RE Ayrton                             


Heifer Calves       

Ab Angus (Av £157) to £185                             FJ&R Coar                                                            

British Blue (Av £218) to £265                         JP&KE Hartley

Limousin (Av £267) to £270                              G Pickersgill



Craven Dairy Auction

11 Dairy

A great show of dairies today and a very level trade throughout. Judging today was in the hands of Alan Middleton of Bolton Abbey, and he awarded the championship to regular supporter Robin Jennings of South Stainley. This commercial heifer, calved 8 days giving 32 litres sold away at £1980. HS Petch & Son of Middlesborough took second prize on the day with their Pedigree heifer, calved 9 days, on 32 litres it topped the sale at £2450, with another form the same home at £1950. First time vendor John Thompson of Bishop Auckland sold a couple of nice heifers at £1880 and £1800, with £1880 matched by a heifer from HJ &KL Blackwell & Son of Gargrave.

Buyers from a wide area today looking for milk, and more are needed please, contact Sarah Liddle or Ted Ogden to book cattle in for the next sale in two weeks time. Thankyou.


Heifers -                 1st GB Jennings     2nd HS Petch         3rd J Thompson


Pedigree Heifers                 to £2450 av £1701

Commercial Heifers            to £1980 av £1770


Prices - £2450 £1950 HS Petch; £1980 GB Jennings; £1880 £1800 G Thompson; £1880 HJ&KL Blackwell;