Rearing Calves to £405 (63) B&W av £61.36 Cont av £309.54 Native av £162.16 Joss Lancaster took the highest price of the day with a cracking British Blue bull selling for £405 with his next making £390. A healthier trade was had right through the sale today with a nice entry of 63 calves forward to meet the bank holiday trade. Continental bulls would force a nice average of £346 and with a lot more competition present on the best British Blue Heifers with the likes of Joss Lancaster and John Marshall seeing £390 and £370 respectively for their consignments.


Black and white bulls saw another improved trade with some solid runs of calves helping the average to £61.36 with a well fleshed bull from John Rushton of Elslack topping at £100.  


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £170) to £170 IRG Collins                      

Brit Blue x (Av £346.84) to £405 J&SA Lancaster                                                        

Aberdeen Angus (Av £191.25) to £220 RD Guy

Flekvieh (Av £142.5) to £165 C Watson

Shorthorn (Av £165) to £165 IRG Collins

Black & White (Av £61.36) to £100 JT Rushton                           


Heifer Calves       

Ab Angus (Av £102.5) to £105 AJ Lee                                                            

British Blue (Av £278.57) to £390 J&SA Lancaster

Limousin (Av £165) to £165 PJ&JE Bolland



Craven Dairy Auction (11 head)


 A handy show of dairy cattle this morning with a rare entry of a run of pure Friesian heifers and cows. Pre-Sale judges Stephen and Malcolm Abbott of Dacre did a sterling job, and ended up choosing the N/C homebred heifer of Ian Parkinson’s as their Champion. The heifer, giving 25kg after 12 days went onto sell for the sale high of £1900 to Mike Longster, Fellbeck.


The second highest price of the day went to a cracking Blue Albion cow presented by Robert Lofthouse of Addingham Moorside which caught the eye of many today. A 2nd Calver and giving 27kg after 14days the Blue Albion went on to sell for £1800, with Robert’s reserve champion heifer also selling nicely. A pure Friesian heifer giving 25kg caught the eye of Alan Middleton of Hartley’s, Bolton Abbey selling for £1620.  


Judge – Abbott Bros

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:        1st MD Parkinson                 2nd RH Lofthouse                  3rd RW&M Walker

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st MD Parkinson                 2nd RH Lofthouse                  3rd RH Lofthouse 

Champion – MD Parkinson                                Reserve – RH Lofthouse


Newly Calven Heifers (av £1594): to £1900 MD Parkinson


Newly Calven Cows (av £1643.33): to £1800 RH Lofthouse