Craven Dairy Auction (11 head) Sally Wellock of Oakworth took honours once again at the Craven Dairy sale with a tremendous dairy heifer giving 31kg, which sold for £2100 to the Naylor family of Langbar. “There was very little between the Champion and the Reserve” commented Judge Shaun Sowray, and he wasn’t wrong as Wilson Stewart’s 40kg heifer also rocketed to £2100 selling to the same home with Mr Stewarts other 40kg heifer which was 3rd Prize and sold for £2,000.



NB. Next Sale 16th July, Followed by A&SL Throup Production Sale on Friday 20th July.


Judge – Shaun Sowray

Prize Awards:       Newly Calven Heifers:        1st J Wellock 2nd WR Stewart 3rd WR Stewart

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st GB Moorhouse

                                Champion – J Wellock        Reserve – WR Stewart


Newly Calven Heifers (av £1791): to £2100 J Wellock; £2100 WR Stewart


Newly Calven Cows: to £1880 GB Moorhouse  


Shorthorn Newly Calven Heifers: av £1030 to £1080 A Wilkes


Shorthorn Newly Calven Cow: av £1300  to £1380 A Wilkes


Rearing Calves to £445 (31)

B&W av £86.60 Cont av £315.5 Native av £188.33


Fred Houseman once again topped the calf trade with a couple of his tremendous British Blue bulls at £445 and £440. A healthy show of Aberdeen Angus calves today with a lot of the calves 3- 4 weeks averaging £211 and topping at £240 for a fleshy bull from James Wellock of Eshton. Black and whites a touch dearer on the week with Wood Bros topping at £115 for a fleshy black and white bull.


Bull Calves                            

Brit Blue x (Av £406) to £445 Church Farm Enterprises                                                             

Aberdeen Angus (Av £211) to £240 J Wellock

Blonde X (Av £290) to £290 N&R Sutcliffe

Black & White (Av £86.6) to £115 Wood Bros                             


Heifer Calves       

Ab Angus (Av £172.14) to £190 AJ Lee                                                          

Blonde x (Av £245) to £245 N&R Sutcliffe

British Blue (Av £270) to £280 BF Blezard Ltd

Lim (Av £270) to £290 P Crabtree & Son