Craven Dairy Auction (16 head) A small entry today which was perhaps a blessing in disguise with a number of buyers present but few willing to bid freely and you cannot blame them. The pre sale Winner from Peter Baul, Bishop Thornton went on to top the day at £1660. Other noted prices was a fine 2nd calver from Forts of Glusburn reaching £1450 and £1350 for a hardy heifer from Keith Downs.

Judge – David Berry

Prize Awards:         Newly Calven Heifers:         1st M Baul & Partners          2nd Thimbleby Farm             3rd SJ Sugden

                                Newly Calven Cows:            1st DA Fort

                                In-Calf Heifers:                     1st & 2nd I Olivers & Partners

                                Champion – M Baul & Partners        Reserve – DA Fort


Newly Calven Heifers (8):  av £1244 to £1660 M Baul & Partners

Newly Calven Cows (1): to £1450 DA Fort  

Incalf Heifers (2): to £860 I Olivers & Partners

Bulling Heifer (4) av £615 to £660 E Pennock & Son

Heifer Calf (1) to £220 C Watson

91 Rearing Calves to £380

B&W av £73.13 Cont av £303.3 Native av £174.50

A strong show of calves forward with a better trade than recently seen especially for the better sort of black and whites which topped at a £175 for an entry from RD Guy. Continentals were a straight trade with Fred Houseman, Church Farm Enterprises topping with a strong British Blue Bull at £380 and Richard Spence chasing him £370 with another quality entry.  Native calves were topped by a sweet heifer from The Smith of Carleton reaching £275.


NB: Worth taking into account when comparing that today’s calves had an average age of 37 days. 


Bull Calves

Limousin x (Av £315) to £315 JC Marshall                     

Brit Blue x (Av £309) to £380 Church Farm Enterprises                             

Hereford (Av £250) £250 C Watson                                                               

MRI (Av £166) to £190 C Watson   

Ab Angus (Av £162) to £200 JM Smith

Saler (Av £105) £105 Town Head Farm                         

Black & White (Av £73) to £175 RD Guy                        


Heifer Calves                       

Limousin x (Av £165) to £165 Town Head Farm                          

Brit Blue x (Av £260) to £330 Church Farm Enterprises                             

Ab Angus (Av £215) to £275 JM Smith                                                          

Hereford (Av £172) to £195 C Watson