Jennings Farmers sells champion dairy heifer for £2,000 at Skipton Auction Mart Andrew Jennings, of Jennings Farmers, Fountains Abbey, emerged victorious at Skipton Auction Mart’s Craven Dairy Auction on Monday. (SEPT 26) Mr Jennings’ pedigree newly calven heifer topped the sale at £2,000 after being awarded the championship by judge Rob Marshall, of Dacre. The heifer, 28 days calved, giving 33 litres, boasted a good back pedigree, being by Carrock Shockwave, and was sold to Stephen and Eddie Jeanes, of Sutton-in-Craven.

Reserve champion was a sweet heifer from Peter Baul, of Bishop Thornton, calved 18 days and giving 30kg, which sold for £1,580 to the Jeanes family again. Jennings Farmers had their second heifer reach the same price of £1,580 when sold to Wick Williams, of Cheshire.

Mr Jennings also took third prize in the newly calven cows, with the Lawson family, of Arthington, taking first and second, along with third in the newly calven heifers section, and topping the prices for newly calven cows at £1,600.

Brian and Susan Barningham, of I Oliver & Partners in Darley, took first, second and third place in the in-calf heifers category, selling to a top price of £1,100.

There was welcome news of the pay rise from the main processor in the area. However, many feel it is not enough and it is still a concern going forward as a long and winding road continues.

Pedigree newly calven heifers averaged £1,520, newly calven heifers averaged £1,270, with GR Bretherton, of Preston, hitting top price of £1,270. Newly calven cows averaged £1,232 and in-calf heifers averaged £974.

The show was again sponsored by regular supporters NMR and Trouw Nutrition. The next Craven Dairy Auction is on Monday, October 10.

Strong show of calves

Numbers were up at the weekly rearing calf sale on Monday (SEPT 26) with 100 through the door and a top price of £430 for Fred and Mark Houseman, of Burton Leonard, with a British Blue-cross heifer.

Black and Whites saw a better trade this week, with an average of £51.59 and a top price of £180 for a pure Friesian bull calf from the Pickersgill brothers, of Guiseley, who also sold a Limousin bull calf for £385.

There was a large proportion of continentals and natives on display, with Angus bulls averaging £202.90 and continentals right through averaging £315 for all goods. Best bulls were going for £380 and upwards, topping at £420 for the Housemans’ British Blue-cross bull calf.

The Housemans also topped the prices for Aberdeen Angus bull calves, selling at £320, and heifers, topping at £260, while RD Metcalfe & Son, of Brearton, led the way with Limousin-cross heifer calves, selling for £250, and Salers, selling for £175.