Stainbank herd five-timer at Craven Dairy Auction Robin Jennings, who runs the Stainbank pedigree Holstein dairy herd at Hill House Farm, South Stainley, near Harrogate, bagged his fifth consecutive Craven Dairy Auction championship at Skipton Auction Mart’s main August Show and sale. (Mon, Aug 24)

He completed a rare five-timer with the first prize newly calven heifer shown by his father George. The home-bred Stainbank Sunray 420, from one of the oldest families in the herd with a history stretching back some 50 years, was by the Genus sire Bassingthorpe Bossman, out of Sunray 406. Eight days-calved and giving 31 litres, she sold locally for £1,620 to John Howard, of Heslaker, who made several top-notch acquisitions.

Reserve champion was the second prize newly calven heifer from father and son, Raymond and Robert Johnson, of Summerfield Farm, Felliscliffe, Harrogate, with a pedigree entry acquired at a dispersal sale staged in Sneaton, near Whitby, last year by the cow’s breeders, RG&HE Thompson. The Grinkle Gent daughter, Princess, ten days-calved and giving 27 litres, made the day’s top price of £1,880 when also joining Mr Howard.

The third prize newly calven heifer from Sally Wellock, of Oakworth, sold for £1,800, again to Mr Howard. Commercial newly calven heifer prices peaked at £1,520 for an entry from Richard Walker, of East Morton. The buyer was Mark Goodall, of Tong, Bradford.

Local commercial dairyman Robert Crisp, of Calton, was responsible for the first prize newly calven cow, which sold for £1,320 to the Sowray brothers in Bishop Thornton. Class prices peaked at £1,700 for an entry from Bingley’s Keith Downs. Mr Downs also sold a newly calven Shorthorn heifer for £1,520, again to the Sowrays,

For the third successive show, I Olivers & Partners, of Darley, landed first and second prizes with pedigree in-calf heifers, due to Zani Bolton Macalese. The red rosette winner sold for £1,420 and both became further Sowray acquisitions.

Four maiden heifers consigned by R&E Pollard, of Colne, sold to a high of £630 to Richard Close in Starbotton, averaging £601.75. A newly calven pedigree Jersey heifer from Brian Moorhouse in Bell Busk made £850.

Of the 29-strong entry, pedigree newly calven heifers averaged £1,530 per head overall, with their commercial counterparts averaging almost £1,316. Newly calven cows averaged £1,510 per head. Show judge was Gisburn’s Frank Wrathall and sponsors were ForFarners and NMR.

At the same day’s weekly rearing calf sale, black and whites among the 50-strong turnout again proved good to sell, with Angus Dean, of Threshfield, presenting a high quality run, though it was Michael Heron, of Bramhope, who gained top price in class of £220 with a pure Friesian heifer calf. The overall black and white average was £107.46 per head.

Continentals also met a good trade, with the previous week’s seasonal show champion, David Smith, of Sutton-in-Craven, again on top form when heading the day’s prices at £470 with a British Blue-cross bull calf. Strong entries from other noted vendors produced an overall Blue bull calf selling average of £409.55 per head.

Blue heifer calves also sold well, with Fred Houseman, of Church Farm Enterprises in Burton Leonard, topping at £395. The class average was £350 per head and the overall Continental-cross average £390.90.

With seasonal buyers coming forward in increasing numbers, native calves had the trade of the day and more could have been sold. Angus bull calves averaged £330 and Angus heifer calves £275, with Church Farm Enterprises again leading the way on price in both classes with sales of £340 and £370 respectively. The overall native selling average was £288.75 per head.