Stainbank double at Craven Dairy Auction The Stainbank pedigree Holstein Friesian dairy herd run by Robin Jennings at Hill House Farm, South Stainley, Ripon, secured its second Craven Dairy Auction championship of 2018 at Skipton Auction Mart’s opening April show and sale, also adding the reserve championship for good measure. (Mon, Apr 9)




The three-year-old title winner, Stainbank Breeze 67, by the Genus dairy bull Zelgadis, out of Breeze 64, had calved for the second time 15 days earlier. Giving 44 litres, she fell to regular buyer Mark Goodall, of Tong, Bradford, for £1,800. Mr Jennings’ reserve champion, a newly calven 28-litre commercial heifer acquired as a calf, sold for £1,350, again to Mr Goodall.
However, it was an in-calf heifer from Duncan Holme, of Storiths, that met the trade of day. Due in May to an Aberdeen-Angus bull, she made £1,400 when claimed locally by John Howard, of Heslaker. A small show of dairy cattle, judged by Brian Blezard, of Ribchester,