ANNUAL SALE OF RIGISTERED DALESBRED SHEEP The winner of the Royston Baxter Trophy awarded for the Champion Dalesbred sheep was Michael Carr of Bracken Bottom with a John Bradley got shearling ram bred from a homebred ewe which sold to T&CM Kelsall & Sons of chipping for 450gns.


Reserve Champion was the 1st prize Aged Ram, a 2 shear ram shown by R Jackson & Son of Horton in Ribblesdale which sold to Graham Hayton of Bolton Abbey for 150gns.

Rams saw a good clearance rate whilst the ewe and gimmer lamb trade was very good.  


Show results –

Judges: Miss H Drinkall & Miss C Brown


Aged Ram

1st R Jackson Lot 2

2nd AB Woodhouse Lot 4

3rd JM&CJ Dawson Lot 1


Shearling Ram

1st MJ&A Carr Lot 41

2nd A&MA Wright Lot 51

3rd JA Stoney Lot 54


Champion – MJ&A Carr Lot 41

Reserve – R Jackson Lot 2


Pedigree Shearling Rams              av £110 to 450gns          

Pedigree Aged Rams                      av £141 to 150gns            


Dalesbred Gimmer Lambs to £68 av £59                             Hayton & Stocks                                                             

Dalesbred Shearlings Gimmers to £122 av £113                 Messrs Coates                                                  

Dalesbred Ewes (2/3crop) to £112 av £99                             Taylor Bros


Chief Prices –

450gns  MJ&A Carr

220gns PD Bowdin

220gns JM Wilson & Son