FORWARD: 1,929 Breeding Sheep & Gimmer Lambs. (1752 Gimmer Lambs and 177 Dalesbred Sheep) CCM Auctions conducted their fourth fortnightly sale of Gimmer Lambs at Skipton on Tuesday where a very nice entry followed the trend of the autumn and saw prices taking a very nice rise in price on the year.


Mules sold to a top of £120 from JK Wilson of Blubberhouses, whilst most of the better lambs on the day sold in the £90s, and most of the rest selling at £80 to £86, just a few pens of the smallest end in the £70’s, with a breed average of £82.79 for Mules (+£22.40 on 2019). A handful of Masham Lambs topped at £88 and levelled at £86.09, a figured equalled by Continental Gimmers, which topped at £104 from RKR Wood of Stokesley.
Please Note: We will hold our Fifth Sale of the season for Gimmer Lambs on Wednesday 4th November as part of the Lingfields Fair Sale of all Classes of Breeding Sheep, Entries close Monday 28th October at 5pm.



Gimmer Lamb Sale


Mule av £82.79

£120 £100 JK Wilson; £98 £94 £92 J&G Huck; £94 £92 R&E Cowperthwaite; £92 WP Sutcliffe;   


Masham av £86.09

£88 £80 K Lister & Son; £85 D&GC Newbould;   


Texel av £86.53

£104 £98 £95 £90 RKR Wood; £88 J Tiplady; £86 PJ&JE Bolland; £85 MJ&GC Dobson;  



Blue Texel to £130           RKR Wood

Charollais to £80               Hayton & Stocks

Swaledale to £50              Hayton & Stocks

Cheviot Mule to £80       PJ&JE Bolland