Forward: 3,480 head of Gimmer Shearlings CCM Auctions conducted their Great Annual Prize Sale of Gimmer Shearlings at Skipton on Tuesday, with a nice entry of sheep put forward for sale. Continental sired sheep were a sharp trade, and well in front of most vendors expectations, with strong framed, clean headed sheep finding a very strong enquiry from the ringside, and the average showing a rise on the year.

Trade for Mules was very much as expected, most interest on the day was shown in the nice types, and anything with a bit more power, prices for these generally £130 to £170 and a few show type pens £180 to a top of £225 from John Greenhalgh of Clitheroe, £220 from James Hall of Darnbrook and three pens at £200 from James Hall, James Towler of Grindleton and from Peter Fox of Clitheroe for the champion pen. A nice working sheep could be secured for in the £120’s and teens, but smaller sheep or those lacking a bit of shine were hard to place at times in the day.

Masham Sheep were keenly contested, and numbers were short of buyers requirements, and the average for these stood at £124, just £6 down on the year.

The whole sale saw an average for all breeds that was just £6.03 down on the year to stand at £124.08,


Thank you to our sponsor for supporting the sale, British Wool Marketing Board, and to our judges Ian Edmondson and John North for giving up their time for today’s sale.




Judges – Mr Ian Edmondson & Mr John North

Mule Shearlings (Pens of 10)

1st Fox Farms selling for £200

2nd J&E Greenhalgh selling for £225

3rd JW Hall selling for £220

Continental Shearlings (Pens of 10)

1st Lambert & Joy Coverdale selling for £170

2nd H Harvey & Son selling for £140

3rd Lambert & Joy Coverdale selling for £160

Masham Shearlings (Pens of 10)

1st V Verity & Son selling for £138

2nd JW Hall selling for £135

3rd K Liddle selling for £125


OVERALL AVERAGE is £124.08 (-£6.03)




Mule Shearlings                               av £121.58          -£13.99

Masham Shearlings                         av £127.51          -£10.05

Texel Shearlings                               av £135.01         +£11.13

Suffolk Shearlings                            av £113.38          -£1.09

Cheviot Mule Shearlings                 av £130.00          +£15.20

Beltex Shearlings                              av £114.50          -£3.71

Zwartable                                          av £122.00          +£2.00

Romney x                                           av £98.52





J&E Greenhalgh                £225

JW Hall                                  £220 £200

WA VJ JA Towler               £200

Fox Farm                              £200

T&S Binns                            £185



V Verity                                £138 £128

JW Hall                                  £135 £128

M Middleton                     £130



T Jackson                             £190

Lucas & Nairey                  £170

LW&EJ Coverdale             £170 £160

JD&V Towers                     £165



TJ Burke                               £130 £110

J Turner                                £115 £108



GA Hewitt                           £120 £115 £105


Cheviot Mule

D&C Newhouse                £130



M Helliwell                          £122

Romney x -

R&E Dean                            £115 £95

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