Annual Winter sale of Inlamb Pedigree Texel & Beltex Sheep followed by 2 dispersal sales from John Wood & David Williams. A good entry of sheep today for the Winter sale at Skipton drew a large company of buyers and the Lingfield sale ring was full to capacity at times during the day. There were 55 separate successful purchasers during the sale and some other left empty handed which shows the growing popularity of this sale which is in its 22nd year.


Forward:  101 head of Pedigree Texel

Sponsors – Harrisons Agricultural Supplies


Texel sales have generally been good this winter, and the Northern Area Club Sale at Skipton was no exception. Averages were up on the year for Shearling Ewes and Aged Ewes and a clearance rate of over 90% was achieved, as a packed ringside of buyers competed to get their names on the best that was on offer. Today’s sale leader was the champion sheep consigned from Proctors Farms in Slaidburn and brought out to show by their shepherd Jeff Aitken and his wife Jennifer. This Shearling Ewe that stood first in her class and sired by Proctors Sundance Kid that is itself a son of the 40,000gns Glenside Razzle Dazzle was sold carrying twins to the much admired Tophill Union Jack that stood Champion at the Scottish National Sale in 2013 when purchase for 11,000gns. The successful bid of 1,400gns came from William Watson of the Gillians Laithe flock in Hellifield.

Proctors Farm were responsible for 3 further highest prices, the first at 950gns, a shearling ewe sired by the 20,000gns Cairnam Talisman and scanned twins to Union Jack, She sold to SJ Stables of Somerset. The next at 850gns was sired by Breahead Touch of Class and carrying twins to Union Jack sold to L Seymour of Appleby. Finally at 700gns was the third prize Shearling Ewe from Proctors Farms, by the 40,000gns Scholars Twenty Twelve and expecting twins to Union Jack, she was snapped up by RJ Dickinson of York.

The other leading price of the day came for a ewe from John Wood’s dispersal of his North Valley flock. This tremendous sort, sired by the 16,000gns Baltier Nailor and out of the homebred show ewe by the 88,000gns Claybury Istabraq. After spirited bidding from several parties at the ringside, it found a new home with RJ Sunter of Horton in Ribblesdale.



Judge Mr Paul Sykes, New Dunsley Flock


CLASS 1 – Best Ewe NATSB Trophy

1st J Wood Lot 85 sold for 1,050gns

2nd J Wood Lot 80 sold for 600gns

3rd MR Davis Lot 75 sold for 450gns                                                                                                          

CLASS 2 – Best Shearling Ewe Wilf Wood Trophy

1st Procters Farm Lot 41 sold for 1,400gns

2nd JS Lodge Lot 9 Unsold

3rd Procters Farm Lot 39 sold for 700gns

4th M Keighley Lot 64 sold for 500gns

CLASS 3 – Best Ewe Lamb NATSB Trophy

1st R Towell Lot 98 sold for 300gns

2nd GL Riby Lot 87 sold for 250gns

3rd F&HJ Booth Lot 94 sold for 240gns

4th G Riby Lot 90 sold for 300gns


CHAMPION – Procters Farm Lot 41

RESERVE  –  JS Lodge Lot 9


Gimmer Lambs –  Av £214.85 (2013 £280)

Shearling Gimmers –  Av £409.50 (2013 £390)

Aged Ewes –  Av £547.17 (2013 £287)



Shearling Ewes -

1400gns 950gns 850gns 700gns 680gns 550gns Procters Farm; 600gns FA Nairey; 580gns J&RM Lucas & Son; 520gn MR Davis; 500gns PK Woof

Aged Ewes –

1,050gns 600gns(x3) 420gns 400gns J Wood; 450gns MR Davis

Gimmer Lambs

300gns 250gns 220gns 200gns DA Towell; 250gns 220gns 200gns(x2) GL Riby; 240gns 220gns F&HJ Booth


Forward: 8 head of Pedigree Beltex

The 3rd winter sale for The Northern Club saw a small entry. Leading the way at 1,000gns

was a Gimmer shearling that stood champion sheep consigned by Stuart Currie. This Rathbone

leader daughter scanned in lamb with twins to the home bred Beautry Thor. The successful

bid came from Mike Davis of Eldroth.
The next highest price was for Rathbone Take That from the Davis family. By their stock ram

Drumchapel Scooby and inlamb to Holmchapel Tonto, this sold for 480gns to L Seymour of

Maulds Meaburn, Appleby in Westmorland.




CLASS 1 – Best Ewe

1st – MR Davis Lot 101 sold for 420gns

2nd – MR Davis Lot 102 sold for 460gns

CLASS 2 – Best Shearling Ewe

1st – S Currie Lot 103 sold for 1,000gns

2nd S Currie Lot 104 sold for 400gns

3rd MR Davis Lot 105 sold for 480gns

CLASS 3 – Best Ewe Lamb

1st –  MR Davis Lot 108 sold for 300gn

2nd – MR Davis Lot 107 sold for 300gns

3rd – MR Davis Lot 106 unsold


CHAMPION – S Currie Lot 103

RESERVE  – MR Davis Lot 101


Gimmer Lambs –  Av £315.00 (2013 £277)

Shearling Gimmers –   Av £658.00 (2013 £390)

Aged Ewes –  Av £462.00 (2012 £383)



1,000gns 400gns S Currie;

480gns 460gns 420gns MR Davis



This year’s Annual Sale of individual and small groups of Continental sired sheep incorporated the dispersal of John Wood’s MV Acc Beltex and Texel sheep together with a reduction due to ill health of Texel cross Beltex ewes from David Williams of Rhudllan, North Wales.

All classes were easy to move with a large ringside of buyers keen to purchase MV accredited commercial sheep which are generally not easy to come by. John Wood was first in the ring and his pen topped at £380 each with a trio of Beltex cross Texel 2crop ewes, closely followed at £360 with a pair of ¾ bred Beltex 2 crops.

David Williams sheep topped at £480 for a Beltex Texel Shearling carrying twins and £420 for a 2crop the same ay bred carrying twins.


AVERAGES –  (overall £240.38)

Beltex Texel cross Shearlings av £247.69

Texel Ewes 2-4shr – av £238.00

Beltex Ewes 2-4shr – av £254.76

Charollais x Beltex Ewes 3-4shr – av £188.57



£380 £360 £340 £320 £290 £270 £220 J Wood

£480 £420 £320 £300 £280 M Williams & Son