CCM Auctions Conducted their Monthly Sale of Stirks, Weaned Calves and Young Store Cattle Next Sale – Saturday 23rd January 2021 Forward – 118 head cattle & 214 Pedigree Sheep.


Monthly Sale of Stirks/ Store cattle sold to a full ringside of bidders all active and trying to be successful in purchasing the local farmed cattle. 43 Black and Whites bullock stirks sold to average £401. Small end of bullocks £285+ with some nice bred Stirks from David and Gill Pennock making £385 and £415. Some large grown bullocks from C Winterburn made £605-£665 and a packet of 4 well bred steers from A&SL Throup, Silsden sold to £520. Angus heifer stirks sold to a good range of purchasers with the better end suckler bred selling between £595-£620 some smaller end under months £400-£420. Blue heifers sold well with a packet of good fleshed and bred cattle from regular vendor JC Roberts selling his goods to a top of £770 with his better fleshed end £700+ and slightly plainer end £660. Some smaller end blue heifers with shape £550 with slightly plainer end below £500. Bulls sold well with buyers for all specs.



Limousin                             to £655 av £530

British Blue                        to £670 av £583

B&W                                     to £320 av £224

Hereford                             to £470 av £405

Simmental                          to £340



Brit Blue                              to £690 av £597

Limousin                             to £795

B&W                                     to £665 av £401

Mont Bel                             to £600

Galloway                             to £520



Limousin                             to £500 av £450

Brit Blue                              to £770 av £596

Ab Angus                             to £620 av £451

Galloway                             to £650 av £565

Shorthorn                           to £520 av £493


Breeding Cattle

Galloway with Calf          to £1020

Charollais with Calf         to £1080

Incalf Limousin                 to £850